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Chapter sixteen – Engulfed by the mysteries

previously on The grey tail: all the furry ones are almost completely through with the deep shit they got themselves into. I’m spending more time in the garden than stitching. perhaps I should start stitching in the garden. or gardening in the stitching. no, that sounds stupid.

– – –

I know I promised I’d write something. well, there’s not much news around here. except for the endless amount of Mystery projects released or announced in the past few weeks. gosh.

in order, I joined Song of the Season by Little House Needleworks, Holly & Hearts by Lizzie Kate, At low tide by Atelier Perdu. overwhelmed by all these I told myself I couldn’t sit there with my itching hands, waiting for charts and supplies to arrive. I dived through my stash and collected silks and linen for Very Scary*, Lizzie Kate‘s Mystery from last summer.

some of you might remember what this poor thing went through last year, and those who don’t can search “Very Scary” in the Search field on the left and catch up. by the end of this I couldn’t look at it without getting such nerves.. I just knew they would bring me visits from the darn frog.

so I carefully stored it in a box and let it rest until last weekend. wise, uh?

anyways, the moment I looked at the first chart (I avoided most of the pictures so far, and tried not to catch everything of the following two while making working copies) I fell in love with it once again. the threads I’m using are the selected silks by The Attic Needlework. those gals know how to spoil us, that’s for sure.

they prepared a printed thread list with symbols and conversions to the various Dinky Dyes, Belle Soie, Gumnuts and Gloriana’s Florimell, which were chained in order in a thread ring. how cool is that?

well, here are pictures of my progress after a couple of hours (the purple border is now finished), and a good look at my recent finding in that loot I have for stash.

Sawtooth border on the first part of Very Scary by Lizzie Kate. 1 ply of silk thread (Dinky Dyes Mystic Pools) on 35ct. Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof linen.
the basting line on the bottom marks the middle of the project.

this stitching frame is called Doodler and is manufactured in the US by Images Stitchery Design. it took me this long to find the stitching frame of my dreams, but jolly it is a breeze to stitch! I’m getting some spare dowels and some smaller ones from Cathy so that I can use it for all my projects. you know what that means, right? no more hoop marks on my stitching and no more ironing for me! life doesn’t get any better than that! 😀

start on the back of the Heart Etui by Victoria Sampler
complete access to the back of the project without cracking noises, rotations, pike dives, twists and shouts.

I’ll leave you with some pics and a memo: add your name IN THIS POST for the travelling pattern! 🙂

Kloster Blocks and Satin Stitches


Vaupel & Heilenbeck 28ct. green/white gingham linen I chose for the Bunny scissor fob
threads and linen for the Bunny pincushion.
Gloriana silks, Wisper threads, 32ct. Zweigart linen and Timeless Treasures cotton fabric.

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including kitty pictures! you can’t get enough of that!

– – –

* hereon Very Scary is rightfully called by the owner of this blog Very Late. but then again, I never said in which July I’d be stitching this, did I? 😀


8 thoughts on “Chapter sixteen – Engulfed by the mysteries

  1. Wow, beautiful progress! That frame looks very handy. I’ve never actually used any frames or hoops – I like having complete maneuverability, I guess.


    1. good for you Sarah! unfortunately I can’t stitch without a frame, neither with other frames I used in the past years cause I cannot torture my back into those sitting positions anymore.
      I need to sit in a way that my back feels supported, my shoulders don’t crawl and I don’t assume the overall look of a vulture! 😀
      thank you for your kind words, I can’t wait to show you more! and now that I’m at it HAPPY HERMITTING EVERYBODY!!


  2. Isn’t that sawtooth border a cool effect? I hope you enjoy Very Late as much as I did, now that you’re going again 🙂 That frame looks very nice – I’ve been thinking I might need to find some kind of small table-top frame for my travel projects, but the tables we have where we meet are pretty crowded, esp. by the time we all spread out our stuff 🙂 I couldn’t do without my floor stand at home, now that it’s been modified many times to actually do everything I need it to do 🙂


    1. it really is Karen! I’m so happy I got back to this project, I’m enjoying it so much now! I finished the straight border of part 1, and I’m now working on the upper row in lime green and black. I really cannot wait till I start some of the spooky things, especially the owl! 😀

      as for stitching on a frame, this could be very good for stitching at a table (well, that’s what it’s meant to) perhaps the 9” bars would fit the crowder tables? 😉


  3. Really beautiful starts Chiara! I have noticed an increase in the Mystery samplers recently too! The Doodle looks pretty cool to have. I have so many different contraptions: qsnaps, stretchers, table stand, floor stand, and hoops. I actually love working with the hoops for smaller projects. Easier for me to hold in hand and stitch.


    1. I know Anne, I got them all too.. I’ve been using a small hoop recently but then I get lazy, stitch in bed and basically break my back so badly I walk stiffly all day. the Doodler is great for speciality stitching just like in the Heart Etui parts, and I soon realised it helps me a lot with my bad habits too 😎


  4. Hi! I have been reading your blog lately and was wondering how you figure out how to convert the fabric and threads to Nina’s threads. She seems to have such pretty threads and fabrics. Thank you so much!


    1. hi! thanks for stopping by!
      there are two way I would recommend: one is to just go with what you think works for what you’re planning on stitching. You just need to try, it really works beautifully and reflects your personality and tastes.
      the other option is to look at what Nina indicates as DMC closest colours once she photographs one of her threads. you can find these notes on the picture themselves, which are on her website http://www.ninasthreads.eu
      this of course works for both threads and fabrics, her notes were useful to me when I first started stashing her materials.
      you can read more of what I wrote about this topic by choosing the “Nina’s Threads” category under the CATEGORY drop down menu on the top right. 😊
      you can also email Nina for a couple of floss toss shots to check on what you think might work before purchasing, or ask her for a suggestion: that’s what I did my very first time ☺️


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