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Chapter seventeen – The Lady in Yellow

previously on The grey tail: I found the stitching frame of my dreams and made good use of it.

– – –

this will be a short post with BaBa‘s softness and some madness provided by me.



I must be the only Italian who never eats pasta.

supadelicious peanut butter

I was afraid I’d feel sad and lonely after Downton Abbey‘s last special (couldn’t be more true), so I got these together with it. 😀


I told you I LIKE Downton Abbey.

and together with them I couldn’t possibly ignore the fact that little Taras hasn’t received anything in a while, so I got this for him. much appreciated.


now, still wondering why I called this post The Lady in Yellow? well, that’s how the Italian title for Murder, she wrote is translated: La signora in giallo.

why, you might wonder. she didn’t wear yellow all the time! not at all! – right, but a yellow novel (romanzo giallo) is how we call mystery novels here!

but why is it so, you might now be wondering. well, one of the most successful publishers for this kind of novels here was Mondadori, and they dedicated an entire series to them using yellow covers back in 1929. now giallo in Italian means unsolvable mystery, mystery novel, etc.

that’s how it all began.


– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


3 thoughts on “Chapter seventeen – The Lady in Yellow

  1. I LOVE Downtown Abbey. Can’t wait for the next season to start. I don’t think I’ve actually seen any Murder, She Wrote. Maybe a couple of episodes when I was a kid…


  2. I thought about picking up the DA soundtrack, too 🙂 Next time I’m on iTunes, I will look it up and give it a sample 🙂 I’m old enough to remember Murder She Wrote first being on TV – I know I watched at least the first season, probably more. Interesting how mysteries are designated there!
    No pasta for you? You’d starve at my house a couple of days each week – it’s one of my favorites 🙂


    1. look for it in the official Decca channel on YouTube. I listened to most tracks there before buying it 😊
      here La signora in giallo aired every summer at lunchtime until last year. can you believe it? they kept on running episodes from every series, there are about a dozen! 😱
      my mom and I loved watching the show together, even if by now we know it all by heart! – except the episodes that never got here. I found two while watching the first season!! 😱😱

      pasta, I should have said I don’t cook it. I do eat it from time to time, especially if you invite me for dinner Karen!! 😋


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