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Chapter nineteen – The boxes

previously on The grey tailI spent some of the hermitting weekend accomplishing my very first handmade scissor fob with the finished travelling pattern that is now finished-finished. win win.

– – –

while rummaging through my pile of stash looking for the right fabrics for the Travelling Bunny, I found a couple of things I never showed you.

in the past two years DMC made special wooden boxes called Vanity Cases with a different selection of threads included and I got them both. they’re still available in their Italian online shop, here and here.

DMC Vanity Case 2012
I used a couple of reds included and personalized my own box with a bird chart I found in the Rouge book that is part of the “Couleurs au point de croix” collection by Mango Pratique
I usually keep the protective lid on it, but I took it off for the picture and must say it looks so much better!

 the box for 2012 had a nice selection of reds and whites, ecru, beige, .. while the one they made for this year has super shiny and bright tones.

DMC Vanity Case 2013
DMC Vanity Case 2013
one side of the lid shows a vintage print

and with my last purchase from the DMC website I got their 2013 catalogue cause I was one of the first 100 customers since summer began 😀


I must say I used to be a hard core DMC fan 😉 I still have plenty of their threads I use for finishings and 100% washable projects. although I prefer hand dyed threads and linens, I still enjoy leafing through a huge catalogue like this one, it was so soothing, packed with beautiful pictures and gave me loads of inspiration. and it was free 😀

actually, I might have found the perfect box for Belinda‘s bonus chart in Blue Jeans and Daisies, we’ll see with my next order! 😀

here’s what I keep in my wooden box: all the Mill Hill ornaments I really should get to if I want to decorate my ornament tree this Christmas!

I guess that’s it for today, the hot temperatures make me kind of sleepy and BaBa apparently thinks the same.

do you get the message?

– – –

follow our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode including the Heart Etui back finally taking the shape of a heart!

– – –

* these cahier collections are really handy and I find myself using them all the time, especially for borders and small motives. they come as lovely boxes and there are DMC threads included with both editions, the one dedicated to Colours (charts by Annick AbrialPerrette Samouïloff and Marie-Anne Réthoret-Mélin) and the one to Nature (charts by Monique BonninCorinne Lacroix and Véronique Enginger). here is the official page for Mango Pratique.


5 thoughts on “Chapter nineteen – The boxes

    1. I added those links so that you could have further details, in case someone desperately needs them 😉 but I think I know why you haven’t seen them around, Gracie.
      DMC EU and DMC US prepare different collections according to the public they refer to. last year I’ve worked for an online needlework shop and I’ve seen some of these collections prepared for a release only in Italy and France. too bad, cause stitchers are a worldwide audience! 😦

      on the other hand, Mill Hill thankfully shares the bling with us all!! I really should get back to these, the autumn collection for last year is here in the stash waiting for me..


  1. LOVE the boxes – I wish DMC would expand their line here with things like that – I think they’d be surprised at the response they would get. For some reason, DMC US (and the majority of stores that stock them – big box & LNS) must still think it’s only little ol’ church ladies who want 5 basic thread colors and aida here.


    1. I know, so much nonsense. they should know better, considering the craft stores you have!
      there have been many of these, one every year, I remember a see-through one in plexiglass, a few in cardboard, and these wooden ones I couldn’t resist.
      on the other hand, you have this beautiful bobbin cabinet I’ve never heard of here!! 😮


  2. Great boxes! I wasn’t even aware that DMC produces them. Yeah, I’m still a big DMC fan, since they’re the only threads I can find here! Anything else I have to order online and wait for weeks for them to get here. *sigh*


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