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Chapter twenty – The bunnies

previously on The grey tailI showed some DMC love.

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when I was picking fabrics for the Travelling Bunny, I thought I would make matching scissor fob and pincushion. unfortunately when I proceeded to the cutting I must have scribbled down the wrong measurements cause the raw linen and cotton fabric I prepared for the pincushion are far too big.

instead of wasting the fabrics by leaving huge cut outs, I decided to pick a different pattern for the pincushion. I knew I saw some lovely bunnies in the Animals booklet in the Nature au point de croix collection by Monique Bonnin, Corinne Lacroix and Véronique Enginger, so I took it out and started charting a small pillow using their designs.

other than that I worked on the back of the Heart Etui, by Victoria Sampler and attended the final lesson in this Stitcherama last saturday. another wonderful class, filled with hints and tricks, previews and chats with Thea and the other classmates 🙂

finished all Kloster Blocks and Satin Stitches on the back of the Heart Etui

and here is a snap of my favourite croissant (which isn’t exactly a croissant), it has nuts and a sweet filling inside that tastes like maple syrup. wow..

actually I won’t get the chance to have one in quite a while cause the shop that makes them closes for the summer holidays 😦
..see you in a month, my darling!

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welcome to all the new followers

and welcome back to all the others.

thank you for all the comments and emails!

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keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


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