Chapter twenty one – Here he hops

previously on The grey tailI talked you about some new bunnies.

– – –

here is one!

bunny from the Animaux booklet in Nature au point de croix, by Monique Bonnin, Corinne Lacroix and Véronique Enginger
stitched on 32ct. raw Zweigart linen with 2 plies of the called for DMC threads

hold on there, he’s in good company.

– – –

thank you for the comments, they really refreshen me in these torrid days. we’re expecting another heat wave from Africa.. temps to reach 40°C and above.. 😦

and welcome to all the new followers! the more the merrier!! 😀

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


2 thoughts on “Chapter twenty one – Here he hops

  1. Cute little bunny! Yeah, we’ve been having 40+ temperatures all summer. The good thing is, we’ve got really strong ACs (although ours broke down yesterday and we had to get the fan replaced). Stay cool!


    1. my mom set an AC embargo years ago but this is the last summer we have it her way. you can barely think with 40+ temps, there’re fans turned on in every room and it’s boiling hot anyways..
      hope yours gets fixed soon!


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