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Chapter twenty three – Hooked

previously on The grey tailI embarked on this new adventure that is crocheting.

– – –

after much fighting with the Acrylic yarn I think I’ve mastered the DC (Double Crochet). it’s still wobbly and bears huge holes but after much trying I consulted with my mother (the serial crocheter in the family) and she allowed me to blame it on the yarn.


I might get some other yarns cause with the order I got a 10% off coupon on my next order.. but I really want to see the end of this (that is supposed to become a pot holder) before investing another 20 pounds. the Scrooge in me, you know. 😀

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


3 thoughts on “Chapter twenty three – Hooked

  1. Nice going! Yes, you can totally blame it on the yarn. 😛 But it doesn’t matter – the point is to learn how to do it, right? It’ll look better the second time. My first ever cross-stitch was a disaster!


    1. try the Crochet Camp instructions. that’s what I’m using (and a row of DC sounds pompous but it’s really no big deal) ..they’re free and in PDF, so you can save them for whenever the right time will be! 😊
      look for “Crochet Camp 2013” on the right sidebar 😉


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