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Chapter twenty four – The furry ones

previously on The grey tailI tried to crochet. I liked it.

– – –


here is another bunny joining the first. there’re more 3/4 stitches here than anything else but they really help creating those soft curves. can’t wait to show you the others, there’s an entire family! 😀

and here is the box I told you about.


inside there are half skeins in a selection of 16 soft DMC tones (the ones you see used in the squares) and 6 booklets with colour charts by Monique Bonnin, Corinne Lacroix and Véronique Enginger dedicated to Flowers, Herbs, Animals, Seasons, the Sea and the Mountain.

– – –

on the Taras front, I have news for you. we had a check up last monday cause he was breathing heavily and I didn’t want to underestimate anything just because it’s too damn hot.

looks like he’s alright for now but he might show some new symptoms so I must pay extra attention to the rascal. no wonder.

he’s also having poo problems, again it might be just the hot temps, so he has to stay on a diet for a week. already not happy with it 😦


with him I took Pablita for her last check up too. she’s doing just fine (finally!!) so I can leave her alone until she gets into the next trouble!! 😮

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode with some Very Scary updates!


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