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Chapter twenty six – Meet Granny

previously on The grey tailI felt so bad about serial stashing, starting and never finishing I started another project.

– – –

while the terrible African heat liquified our bodies and brains, my parents decided to go to the mountain for the weekend. with my younger sister still in the UK, and me not slightly interested in what the other sister does as long as she leaves me alone, I was pretty much left home alone with Taras and the mosquitoes.

I immediately rang my Memoms, such a crazy, darling Grandma and told her we were joining her and her AC for a couple of days. win win.

I don’t think you know much about my Grandmother, which is a real shame, trust me. she isn’t that old, really. but she’s having a hard time keeping up with technology, sadly even the one invented before she was born.

she calls us on the phone, mistypes the numbers and then complains we never answer back. we save the phone numbers in her own mobile but she forgets how to open the address book in it and ends up typing with the results previously mentioned. when she’s watching the telly she misses the first half of the movie cause she’s looking for the channel by zapping through them one by one. sometimes using the wrong remote.

when we visit her she gets in such a frantic, excited state she messes up all the cooking, ends up using twice the pots and pans one would normally need, and really never stops sitting up and down cause she forgot something either in the fridge, in the oven, on the cooker – when honestly, they’re all within somebody’s arm reach.

most of the time we’re just trying to calm her down, reassuring her it’s just lunch together. no big deal. but no matter how many times we scold her (because at one point you just want the lady to sit down and eat for heaven’s sake) she keeps on losing herself in this and that until we go home, and she’s left with only our Uncle to drive mad.

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode with some Granny fun and lots of heirloom needlework pieces!

I almost forgot, I received the first chart from Nataliejo at L’Atelier Perdu now all I need are the supplies from Nina and I can start At low tide!



3 thoughts on “Chapter twenty six – Meet Granny

  1. My mother in law is a lot like that, though when she comes to stay with us, it’s more a matter of her following us around, EVERYWHERE. And she always hangs in the kitchen when I’m out there, which, okay, isn’t a bad thing – but my weekday dinner is very simple by design, so I don’t actually need any help – I simplified it long ago, since I run a one-woman kitchen 🙂 Not to mention, she did the cooking for years, she has earned the right to go sit & do nothing for a bit 🙂


  2. Aww, she sounds so cute! My husband’s Spanish grandmother sounds a lot like her, and we’re always trying to calm her down for one reason or another. 😛


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