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Chapter twenty seven – The Itchycock marathon

previously on The grey tailI told you a little about my Grandma. what a character.

– – –

as I was saying, I enjoyed two days with the lady and I must say at one point I just wanted to take notes. she started with complaining about the geezy beezy times she’s having with the tailoring (she used to be a seamstress and still fixes things for whoever knocks on her door), with people driving her mad with this a lil up and that a lil down.

this woman arrived yesterday with this nightmare of a blouse, saying it’s too tight and what can I do about it. really, can I put myself on a diet for her? – I don’t think so, right?” and she proceeded with the showcase until she’d gone through all the shirts and skirts and smocks and socks in her stock.

then she moved the discussion to the gasping weather outside, and what all the neighbours were doing to survive. I kindly pointed out that she could actually enjoy her AC while minding her own business, but she assured me she always does. she knows nothing about what is going on in the neighbourhood, with all the windows closed for the AC.

at some point I turned on the telly, which I never watch so I dodgy looked at the airing programs and felt reassured I missed absolutely nothing. she agreed with me and pointed out it’s all about telenovelas and blabbing politicians these days. sadly true. what saddened her even more was that Carmen left Diego last week, fell into Pablo’s arms, saw the ghost of somebody’s somebody, Carlos, and then realized she’s pregnant. of whom we’re not allowed to know yet.

in spite of the attractions in Carmen’s ever-changing love life, I finally found something to keep me company while stitching (other than Granny’s fun) and changed the channel. ooooh! it’s the muuvie channel – she said. they’re having a Itchycock marathon next weekend, with all the classics! Pysiko with Anthony Pekin, do you remember? – of course but.. – then Rear Widow, Spillbound, Family Flop and I just saw The Spider Staircase last night. how lovely!

and you remember that movie, the one with that actor.. the tall one – cause there’s just one Gran? – don’t mess with me! – trust me, I’m trying to keep the level of mess to the minimum here. – come on, that actor, you know which one! – seriously I don’t, and perhaps neither do you.. – he was in that film with that beautiful actress, the one in Rear Widow! – Rear Window, Gran. – you see! you know what I’m talking about! don’t pretend you don’t!


– – –

I don’t think I can squeeze much else into todays’ post but you have to believe me the lady was on fire.

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode with lots of heirloom needlework pieces I couldn’t fit in here!


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