Travelling Pattern

The guy needs a passport, maybe two

you remember the Travelling Bunny that arrived here a couple of weeks ago from Kaye Down Under, well I’m happy to say I actually stitched the piece within the time frame I gave myself, finished finished it into a darling scissor fob and I’m ready to send it together with some cuteness to whoever gets it next.


you know how silly I am, I got intrigued and decided to track down this bunny’s travels, so I followed his trail through all the blogs I could find a link to.. well, it turns out he started his journey way back in 2011! 😮

here is a recap of all the destinations this fluffy guy reached so far. you might want to click on all the links – just to please both me and your sight, it took me hours to find everyone’s exact post where a picture of the finished bunny was published – and thanks to all these wonderful stitchers I even know their countries so that I can track each of the Bunny’s stops along his way! thank you so much for the help!! 🙂

1. Tricia at The Stamper’s Stitches 26 May 2011 – Wisconsin, USA

2. Sally at Stitchyangel’s Treasures 19 April 2012 – East Yorkshire, England

3. Vickie at A Stitcher’s Story 19 June 2012 – Wisconsin, USA

4. Annette at California Stitcher 4 July 2012 – California, USA

5. BeaJ (sorry, I couldn’t find a blog for her) – Saskatchewan, Canada

6. Lee at Notes from under the Mountain 19 September 2012 – New Zealand

7. Gracie at Needles Pins and Dragonflies 27 October 2012 – Arizona, USA

8. Annie at Annie Bebop’s Coloring Book 6 November 2012 – Maryland, USA

9. Lelia at Stitches of Life 16 December 2012 – Northwest Indiana, USA

10. Cucki at Cucki Stitching Cove 19 January 2013 – Krugersdorp West, South Africa

11. Kaye at Kitten Stitching 5 February 2013 – Victoria, Australia

12. me, chiara at the grey tail 22 July 2013 – Venezia, Italia

– – –

now if you want to be the next one in line, just add a comment in THIS POST ONLY. I’ll extend entries for another week so that I can work on a little something the Bunny can take with him from now on.

Annie had this idea that all our bunnies are cousins, and she’s right! 😀

now I can’t wait to pin all the their birthplaces on the map!

– – –

thank you for all the lovely comments and emails,

and welcome to all the new followers and viewers,

we’re such a merry gaggle!

hugs and happy xxx,


6 thoughts on “The guy needs a passport, maybe two

  1. Such a clever idea to go back and chronicle his travels, Chiara. I tried the link for your map on the email you sent but it didn’t work – is the map somewhere else?
    Love your scissor fob.
    hugs, Kaye


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