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Chapter twenty eight – Embroidery heirlooms

previously on The grey tailGranny proved she could host her own show.

– – –

while I was trying to keep up with Gran, she showed me some of the needlework pieces her own mother prepared back in the days for her own dowry chest. they were three sisters, all experienced needleworkers who designed, chose threads and embroidered lots of pieces that were sold to rich people, famous restaurants, etc. unfortunately two of them died young of tuberculosis and the spell was broken.

I couldn’t learn anything from my Great-Grandmother cause by the time I was born she already showed signs of Alzheimer and passed away when I was three. instead of saddening us for all the great people we lost, my Granny and I took out her mother’s dowry chest and found incredible things in it, all that’s left of the treasures she worked on – cause sad but true, she left most of them to the local parish. dafaq.

entirely handmade light green slip


there are a few spots here and there but considering she was born in 1910, they all aged pretty well.

handmade white slip with handmade lace


the back of the embroidery
handmade blouse
AQ, my Great-Grandmother’s initials on her handmade bed linens
embroidery placed on top, in the middle of the bed linen. initials are right below it.
detail of the embroidery
my Grandmother’s sewing machine, together with the beautiful, deep purple lavender that grows in her garden.

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


6 thoughts on “Chapter twenty eight – Embroidery heirlooms

  1. Simply beautiful – they don’t make things like that anymore! It’s wonderful that you still have these! I don’t think either of my grandmothers did any kind of handwork – my mother did machine sewing, but no needlework of any kind, and my sisters don’t, either. Not sure how it got to me, though my parents and one sister definitely have/had artistic hobbies or talents. I guess I’m just the most prolific 🙂


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