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Chapter twenty nine – The cat lovers

previously on The grey tail: I showed some of my Great-Grandmother’s treasures.

– – –

at Granny’s we enjoyed – well Granny first, cause she’s already an attraction on her own – then her nicely cooked meals, the company of my Uncle and they both enjoyed playing with Taras. I know he’s a playful buddy, terribly funny and everything, but honestly it wasn’t enough to prepare myself to the sight of my 72 years old Grandmother and 48 years old Uncle losing themselves after this kitty. Gran actually made him a toy with some elastic band she had and an awful lot of aluminum rolled up into a ball. my Uncle kept on waking BaBa up cause he wanted to play, wanted to take pictures, wanted to stare into his eyes a lil more, ..

had I known they were so eager to spend time with him, I’d have parked BaBa with them and actually accomplished something this winter! 😀

bossy Taras roosted on the sofa
gee BaBa got so big. I forgot to tell you, he’s 10 months old!
see what I’m talking about? my Uncle laid down on the floor for a good 10 minutes. I got a little something to use the next time he tells me I am obsessed with a cat.

I couldn’t eternalize Gran hiding behind the sofa, playing hide and seek in her bedroom, walking around with that aluminum ball so that Taras would chase after her and occasionally trip over her feet – Taras takes his ball chasing sessions very seriously.

when BaBa was too tired to run after anything else, the dude here started swinging that ball above him like a pendulum so that he could catch and exercise a bit more. he was so knackered he ate all I’d taken with me – and trust me I packed enough food for a flock!

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


2 thoughts on “Chapter twenty nine – The cat lovers

  1. And you know BaBa is thinking, “Kneal to me you puny mortals! You will be my playthings!” All the while your family thinking it was THEIR idea to play with HIM 🙂


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