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Chapter thirty – Mamma’s shopping

previously on The grey tailBaBa claimed some new, hard core fans.

 – – –

while we were at Granny’s. Mom and Dad played newlyweds in the mountains nearby. Asiago really can’t be called mountains, it’s just at the foothills of the Alps, and as a matter of facts wasn’t that chilly last weekend. pretty much crowded too, mom said. but she enjoyed the break, and brought home some delightful things. well done Mamma!!

two beautiful cereal bowls, a tool vase, berry plum cake and some HUGE apricot/peach grafted fruits.
see how big they are compared to the bowls?
this is the lovely bag those huge fruits came in
superdelicious hazenut cake, for whose disappearance I’m responsible – with no regrets I must add.


and this is what happened last Monday. it started after lunch with a little bit of rain and wind, and then slowly turned into a massive, pitch black curtain above us. luckily it moved a little further before releasing the bigger bang.

we only enjoyed a refreshing, almost chilly night but many regions in Italy got storms and small tornadoes. such terrible events since we’re not used to this kind of stuff, at all. our buildings and homes are always made of bricks, rarely tornado-proof or even properly built – Italian style. bribes have to come first, than perhaps a few safety measures, just in case somebody asks for the blueprints. dafaq.

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


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