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A Very Late update

just a few shots to prove I’ve been stitching while laughing with Granny. no frog visits either, it must be the air! 😀

the entire border is almost done. 95W x 238H worked on the called for 36ct. WDW linen, Tin Roof
you know me, I have specularity OCD, so I changed the green row a little in order to add the Sawtooth border on the bottom too.

– – –

thank you for the lovely comments and emails.

welcome to all the new followers!

my other sister is getting on my nerves so badly lately, I swear she takes the worst out of me. but then we all have one in the family.. I’m sure you’d know what to do with these too.

cactus slippers


4 thoughts on “A Very Late update

  1. Very Scary is looking great!!! And I think it would be a lot easier to work having all of the border done, as opposed to doing each section at a time, to find the border of that section cuts off right in the middle! Those flip flops are scary – all I have to do is look too hard at our prickly pear and I get one of the little invisible stickers in me 😦


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