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Chapter thirty one – Hooked

previously on The grey tailI worked on Very Scary while enjoying Granny’s company. gotta love the lady!

– – –

for the past two weeks my sister (the good one) has been attending a course in Winchester, UK. BaBa and I missed her a lot, especially the laughs and silly moments we have finishing each other’s sentence, messing up with each other, adding new vocabulary to our own version of French. inventing our own language is one of the geeky things that happened some time ago, no idea why we called it French, really. it has nothing to do with French at – all.

well, while waiting for her to come back last Tuesday, I found BaBa snoring on the downstairs’ kitchen table. the one we dedicate to real, deep mess.


how can he sleep in such a clutter, I do n0t know. but then again I was the one who fell asleep if taken in the stroller on gravel roads and cried on paved ones..!

now off to my recent addiction. yarns.

it may have something to do with the Crochet Camp. it may be due to the fact that yarns are just as cool as threads, only bigger. or that I’m a stashaholic who needs help. or all the above. who cares. the point is I bought the Acrylic yarns and I never showed them! 🙂

a few King Cole Aran balls + one Baby Alpaca DK (the grey one on the right)

I also didn’t brag about the multicoloured wooden hook I’m using, what a cool thing it is. and it moves so swiftly through the loops, I’m sure it’s responsible for my recent successful attempts at hooking.

it’s a Knit Pro Symfonie Wood crochet hook, size 5 and 4 for now.


I bought mine from deramores here and you can read more about them here and here, they have all sorts of knitting needles, single ended, double ended, Afghan/Tunisian hooks. oh just check them out, they all look so inspiring!

– – –


talking about inspiration, I see this every day as it’s hanging in my room. I thought you’d like to catch a glimpse of it too.

back in 1997 I’d go to the bookstore every other day asking the lady at the counter  when the next book would come out, in my mind it must have been a matter of days, weeks, a couple of months tops. surely not years! 😀 – lucky I wasn’t holding my breath all along. anyways, that darling lady understood my pain and gifted me this. it’s a perpetual calendar that says “every day is the right day to read Harry Potter“. couldn’t’ agree more.


– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in tomorrow’s post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


One thought on “Chapter thirty one – Hooked

  1. Oooh, lovely yarns! And I love your multicolored crochet hook, I’ll keep my eye open for a similar one if I ever find the courage to crochet! 😛


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