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Chapter thirty two – The party

previously on The grey tail: got hooked on hooks. no wonder.

– – –

so the plane landed, the mom was at the airport, the luggage wasn’t crushed and the sister was still in one piece. mission accomplished! 😀

look who was happy to be back!


now these shoes are mine, definitely more than a decade old. sis wanted something of mine to take with her while she was away and I lent her my lucky shoes. they’ve been all around Europe, they’re worn out, faded, there’re holes here and there but I still can’t get rid of them. I just can’t.

in order to celebrate the event we had a little party. meet mom, the BBQ Queen.

the meat had been seasoning all day in the fridge. brava mamma!
and while the saucy meat was releasing all the juices for us to drool on, we heard noises coming from the paddling pool no longer in use cause there’s a hole! – no wonder those kids didn’t want it anymore..
peek a boo!! let’s play more hide and seek you guys!!

last but not least, a few of the things my sis brought back from her trips to London, Oxford, Brighton, etc.

Fortnum & Mason, you’ll be damned. those marzipan fruits didn’t make it to the following day. I’m a real marzipan addict.
beautiful postcards from the National Gallery
this is children’s book for mom. we collect tales and illustrated editions since I was born, our house is such a library!

well, the dinner was great. we had yellow polenta, cornmeal mush, together with it. it’s traditional in northern Italy. fresh salad & tomatoes from dad’s veggie garden, and artisanal gelato for dessert. slurp!

– – –

keep on following our summer adventures in the next post. an all new episode from your reporter in Whacky Lane!


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