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Chapter thirty four – The day that I was (and then I wasn’t) back

previously on The grey tailI visited Granny for a few days while the heat wave was melting down our already worn out brains. I started At low tide and found out how slow progress you get when you stitch over 1 on 32ct. the Travelling Bunny was about to find a new destination, when..

– – –

when my always-so-wise mother decided to put a table right in the middle of the garden pathway, Granny – who was visiting us to celebrate her 72nd birthday – had to circumnavigate the table by stepping up and down the small garden walls that border the grass from the pathways and there she went. straight on all fours. poor lady, I was right beside her but didn’t have time to save her from the fall, it all happened too quickly.

by the time I reached her, she was already laughing her heart out. mom too arrived and almost had to go the loo, that much fun they were having.

my sis and I quickly realized, knowing Granny’s history and everything, that the forced maneuver might have costed her a lot more than she signed for when she left home that morning. we insisted in medicating the lady still roaring with laughters, gave her ice packs and told her she ought to see a doctor straight away.

it really didn’t look much more than a scratch on both knees and a twisted ankle, but again, knowing Granny’s past she really needed a proper check. that foot was the one she broke years ago, and took forever to heal. it has been like this since the therapies and the mastectomy. she knows it, but with the wise council of her own daughter she went home with nothing but the fresh ice packs we gave her for the ride.

 the morning after mom went to check on her, minutes later they were in the ER of the local hospital. the foot was broken. happy birthday Gran! an entire day at the hospital, between this and that, and there she was, with a brand new plaster to celebrate. 😦

– – –

she wasn’t a rock even before tripping, that’s why she still can’t walk properly with the crutches. she actually charges all her weight on the broken foot rather than the other leg cause she feels wobbly and unsafe. having seen this, I recommended she must live with one of us until the end of the 30 days. nobody wants her to go through surgery and have another 30 days of limping confinement.

my other sister spent the first night with her, then came home the following afternoon and I said that I would go. packed my stitching, BaBa‘s stuff and there we went. nobody came to take my place until yesterday, and that’s why all this blogging silence. there’s no wi-fi over there, I do have 3G connection on my mobile phone but I use it for checking the mail and other daily things. no real blogging cause it sucks up all the traffic, which already costs as if it was gold. dafaq.

5 days with Granny were as much as I could take, don’t get me wrong I love the lady, she’s fun and everything. but she’s the kind of restless people that do things all the time. she has her daily errands, her neighbors to talk to, her routines, .. when she’s in excellent shape she does all she wants by herself. when she’s not, she’s pissed off cause she’s confined on a chair all day, and even then she tries to wash the dishes, iron clothes, roll up and down the shutters, ..

I understand how hard it must be for her, but it’s better for her to get bored till she’s sick for 30 days and that’s that, then having to go through surgery, another plaster another 30 days and who knows what comes next.

on top of this she insists in using the medications she wants, not the ones she needs. she used a plastic band aid the first night, never took it off until the day I arrived and there they were. two wonderfully yellow knees. pus so thick I couldn’t clean it all away. yuck! 😦

I had to follow her in every thing, anticipate all I could so that she wouldn’t get up for stupid stuff risking to worsen the situation, even forcing her to clean those wounds or she would try and do all but what she should do for herself. seriously, woman!

– – –

fine, I bored you long enough with all this. just wanted to share a bit of the dull week I had. 😉 now the hard part will be making my mother go to stay there. my sister will be back tomorrow and I really would like to stay home a couple of days before going back. I’ll never understand why mom doesn’t want to go there, she’s her mother, she grew up in that house.. and it’s not like we can’t live without mom. she goes away for weeks all the time during the year, wether it’s for courses, conventions, her pupils’ math competitions and stuff. geez mum, do your share (it’s not like you had no part in your mother’s fall!) 😉

anyways, you really deserve some fun after sticking through the pure boredom of this post. as a reward, here are progress pictures on L’ Atelier Perdu La marée basse/At low tide. enjoy! 😀

[thanks to WordPress, you have to click on the image for a less blurry version]

the tiny basket was then followed by a tiny arm
what happened? tiny girls appeared all of a sudden! – not a real sudden, it’s over one on 32ct. remember 😉
fabric shows up differently cause of the light, sorry

here is what I used and changed from the original version by NatalieJo:

Nina‘s 32ct. Dirty Beige linen and cotton threads: Grizzly; Chilli; Oak; Espresso; Sea Breeze, Sailor, Caribbean (these three substitute WDW Tin Roof in different areas), Desert Rose Light and Mill. only one DMC, B5200 cause the one I planned to use, Pearl, didn’t pop up enough on the linen.

I used Sailor for the upper part of both dresses; Sea Breeze instead of GAST Garden Gate for the two belts, alternate rows of Caribbean and Sea Breeze in the lower 4 rows of the skirts to add movement to the dress (and reduce the idiot stitching ;)). as for the rest I sticked to the colours Nina picked for her own At low tide, they looked great! 🙂 here is her part 1 and freshly added part 2!

if you check Natalie’s blog, she just published pictures of part 2 too 🙂

part 1 finished!
also, Nina’s Dark Beige linen looks 100% truthful to the original here.
the backstitching all around has something to do with the finishing. a casket, that’s all I know!
close up of part 1

– – –

this latest picture got featured in Nina‘s Facebook page. YAY! 😀

thank you all for the Likes and nice comments, and by the way I recently joined FB. you can find me under Taras BaBa. 😛

and now that I mentioned features, has anyone noticed what happened on page 20 of the latest Newsletter from The Attic Needlework? 😀

for the lazy ones, here is a direct link to the edition from August 21st. apart from my stitching 😉 there are some other amazing things, most of them being released these days at St. Charles Market. I reserved a few things I really needed. 😀

Jean Lea was the sweetest, really. I even found out that Sandie from TST is friends with her and has her pieces framed at The Attic. wow! 😀

you can read more about those Sweetheart Tree projects featured in the Newsletter in this posts, “it’s a finishing party!” and in the “from this this” page.

BaBa says hi. the guy is such a poser. 😀


– – –

really have to go now,

I promise I’ll pick a name for the Bunny asap, before anyone else breaks a bone! 😀

thank you for the lovely comments and emails,

welcome to all the new followers!

hugs and happy xxx,



6 thoughts on “Chapter thirty four – The day that I was (and then I wasn’t) back

  1. Yikes on your poor grandma – I know how those who are normally very active cannot STAND to be still when they really need to 🙂 CONGRATS on your pieces in the Attic Newsletter! Beautiful progress on you over-1 – the colors you chose look wonderful on that linen! And yeah – Nina’s FB page – dangerous place 🙂


  2. Here’s the reason why your Mum does not want to stay – it’s her mum not her grandma!! The mother/daughter relationship is very different to the granddaughter/grandma one. When my Nana was elderly she was not so kind to my mum as she was to me, the favoured granddaughter!!
    We have always seen our grandmas as elderly but to our mothers it is a reminder of their own ageing and mortality.
    Hopefully your Grandma has many more years of being active and healthy!!


  3. Hi Chiara, I hope that your nonna gets better soon – poor thing! It is hard work looking after the elderly (believe me, I know!), so I hope that you are looking after yourself as well. Love your progress on “At low tide” – I am trying to purchase the whole Stitch me club for the box but the website is playing up (sigh!). Sorry, I haven’t visited your blog as often as I would like.
    all my love, Kaye


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