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Chapter thirty-five – Granny and the neighbour

previously on The grey tailI thought I was done with granny-sitting, ready to come back full throttle. I evidently wasn’t.

– – –

first and foremost, I’m really sorry for making the winner wait this long. it’s without further ado (and before anything else happens, honestly!) that I announce that the winner of the Travelling Bunny has been picked by my sister’s hand and will be announced straight away in a separate post.

now that I cleared that out of the way.. as all lazy bloggers already know, summing up a couple of months is pretty tricky. I think I’ll let the pictures do most of the work and prepare daily posts for you to enjoy. in a week or two we should be done with the catching up. 😛

I have to thank you all for the concern, emails and comments about Granny, you’re such sweet friends. I have to declare I lost that battle, though. she has been impossible to stop at one point, she started going up and down the stairs when unnoticed (and trust me, with the limping and the tricky stairs she has at home, it’s a miracle anything else happened to her). – she tells this with pride, argh!

anyways, a few weeks ago I took her to the hospital to have the foot freed and checked. in spite of her medical history they refused to take another X-ray. she was aright.

now, the fact that the evening after her foot had swollen to the size of a melon, she was in a hell of a pain and kept on taking painkillers for a week might suggest she wasn’t that much alright. but she held all these news to herself, when I called she always said she was alright – and when I asked her if she wanted to finally celebrate the event with a small party at her house she dropped the bomb. “I don’t feel like cooking that much” ..fat chance!

the conversation proceeded pretty much like this.

“what is going on Granny?”

“I don’t feel like stressing me out that much..”

“sure, I understand. but are you sure you’re doing ok?”

I told you I’m fine! FINE! it’s normal to have a little pain after a month blocked that way! they told me so””

“Gran, it’s NOT normal to feel any pain, not after a couple of days. how is it that you never felt anything during the past month and now you’re what? taking painkillers?”

“yes, every evening. but it’s normal – they told me it’s normal.”

“WHO TOLD YOU? I was there with the doctor too, he never said anything like this. the opposite, if I have to be honest!”

so, we went to check on her and found out the foot had reached even a bigger size than when she broke it. it was scary, really scary. and she had kept all this for herself for a week. I’m so mad at her I can’t even speak to her.

I love her, I really do. that why I’m completely out of words and madly pissed off at her. oh, and I found out who told her so, her neighbour. cause your neighbour’s advice is the only one you’re going to follow – of course.

– – –

enough of this rant, she has another appointment to the doctor but there’s a party of nieces here working to have her taken to a specialist. she refuses categorically, of course. I guess I’ll have to ask the neighbour to tell her so. ARGH!

stitchingwise, I have to say, prepare yourselves. massive stashing has been going on.

I also worked on the little Halloween freebie I told you about in the previous post. I also finished the little Halloween freebie I told you about in the previous post. but since I’ll upload pictures in chronological order, nothing about this for a couple of days.


see how lovely I can look – even while being awfully filthy?
progress picture on Natalie’s summer mystery “At low tide”
32ct. linen stitched 1 over 1
32ct. over 1?? are you sure??
start on part 2

– – –

the next post will cover the travelling pattern winner as well as a chance for all of you to win a Halloween signed chart, don’t miss it!

hugs and happy xxx,



3 thoughts on “Chapter thirty-five – Granny and the neighbour

  1. YIKES! I hope your gran gets her foot fixed! Some things I could keep to myself, but a broken foot? I’m pretty sure everyone within a couple of miles of me would know 🙂 LOVE that t-shirt, and Low Tide is coming along great!


  2. Great to have you back! 😀 Really hope your Granny’s foot gets better soon. That must be so hard to watch. At Low Tide looks great so far! I can’t believe you’re stitching over 1 on such a high count. :S


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