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Chapter thirty six – A trip down Stitching Memory Lane

previously on The grey tailI came back. that’s already big news.

– – –

now, I’m sure you’re all super excited at the idea of getting a signed copy (of what?) that I’ll be getting (where?) for one or more of you (could you be more vague?!). 😀

well, here is how things will work. I’ll write a specific post where I’ll announce the chart and designer I picked for the GIVEAWAY. all you’ll have to do is become a follower of this blog, add a comment in the right post and cozily wait until october 17th, where I’ll drive to Vicenza for Abilmente.

I’ve been there in 2010 and 2011, I missed last years’ cause I was working and I really regret it. I’ve heard there was such a huge display of wonderfulness. also a pretty chaotic mass of people, that’s why I won’t go during the weekend but the very first day of the fair. it’ll be PACKED with stuff so stay tuned for a hoard of pictures.

by the way, if you have Instagram you can follow me (nexthursday) there and watch it all happen LIVE, miracles of free-offered-Wi-Fi or offered-by-me-3G. 😉

now, since I never published the pictures I took back in twenty eleven, why don’t we take a trip down Stitching Memory Lane? 😉

Marie Suarez “Bonheur d’Enfance”, such a sweet, nice designer I met those days. I so hope she’ll be there again. btw, the lady in the grey t-shirt is actually her!
I loved so much the frame she chose that I asked her if I could take a picture to look for a similar one.

she had just released this design and I bought chart, linen cut and that pink Atalie thread. so so sweet and kind Marie was, we talked and talked in Spanish and she assured me this was an easy piece for a linen beginner – oh yes, I was a linen beginner back in those days! 😀

now, most of the stands and creations are strictly not allowed to be photographed. kind of a shame considering the bounty of delights I saw but it’s a decision I understand.

on the other hand, Abilmente displayed a selection of majestic quilts  called “Quilts de Légende” and those I can show you now.



Medallion of triangles in squares by Louise-Marie Stipon.
inspired by a quilt from Massachussets, dated ~1870.
from the Museum of American Folk Art, New York (USA)

did you see how immense this piece is? it hanged from the ceiling of the building, and being this a huge fair, it took place in several pavilions. you needed a map to keep track of where you were and were you actually wanted to get.










A ray of sun by Ewa Guérin.
“I love sunflowers” says Ewa, of Swedish origins.
she find out about this quilt in the Museum of Shelburn.
now she can say “I did it!”

hope you enjoyed this little tour of what the new Abilmente might bring, in the meantime I strongly suggest you another great thing Italy has to offer, actually a pianist and composer, Ludovico Einaudi.

he’s an habitué of the free concerts taken during the iTunes Festivals. to see his performance from this past September just open the iTunes Store from whichever thing you’re using and look for his full gig in the Festival summary. I promise it’s a real treat, and it’s free.

– – –

see you for tomorrow’s post!

hugs and happy xxx,



5 thoughts on “Chapter thirty six – A trip down Stitching Memory Lane

  1. If you do meet Marie Suarez, please tell her how much I like the design My Lovely Stitching Tools she did for the Gift of Stitching magazine. I have stitched about half of it!


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