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Chapter thirty-seven – 25+3

previously on The grey tailI showed you some glorious quilts and announced Signed Pumpkins, a pretty cool giveaway.

– – –

it’s all a conspiracy of Father Time and his wife, Mrs. Age – but, as the calendar seems to prove, today is the day I turn 25 + 3, or 4 x 7 (it’s pretty easy math, I know).

well, I won’t get anything special as I already gifted myself way too much. you’ll see.

I’m in a little hurry so I’ll only show you my latest finish, the little Halloween freebie “My kitchen” by Angie you can still find in her blog My Happy Memories. the contest is still opened, read all about it in this post. 🙂

I stitched mine using Nina‘s 40ct. Victorian Cacao Light and my choice of cotton threads. I added a spider button and stripes to the witch’s stockings.

my choice of materials: 40ct. Victorian Cacao Light linen, cotton threads and lace – all handmade by Nina.
my start on My kitchen
halfway through + spider button
my kitchen finished
my kitchen finished
my kitchen finished
my kitchen finished
working on the finish-finish
my kitchen finished
you’re that old? oh no! 😛

– – –

don’t forget to enter your comment for Signed Pumpkins, and autumn giveaway. you can read all about and sign in IN THIS POST ONLY.

good luck!

stay tuned for more catching up and stitches.




12 thoughts on “Chapter thirty-seven – 25+3

  1. Couldn’t work out why FB didn’t tell me it was your Birthday. You numpty woman, you put Taras’ details on there so he gets the Birthday wishes LOL.

    Hope you have a lovely day. My sum is the same as your’s. If you take the “x” out of the middle of the two digits and put them together LOL.


  2. Happy birthday, Chiara! Lots of birthday hugs! Don’t worry, I feel your pain – I’m turning 27 in December and I’m already panicking. Beautiful stitching! I adore that spider…he is so cute!


  3. Happy Birthday, Chiara! You are a Libran like me! I hope that you have a fantastic day. Don’t worry – at 28 you are a baby. I will be 55 next Friday! Yikes!
    Your finish on Witchy Kitchen is gorgeous although even digitally that spider button gives me the creeps – lol!
    Furio and Milo send birthday purrs.


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I remember 28, vaguely 🙂 LOVE the colors you picked for your Kitchen; I’ve now saved it out, too, though who knows if/when I’ll get to it 🙂


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