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Chapter thirty-eight – Meet Eugenia

previously on The grey tail: apparently I’m one year older.

– – –

first and foremost, thank you all for the birthday wishes and lovely comments. I’m so happy you like the giveaway and the patterns I picked! 🙂

I signed up for a Broderie Suisse course held at the fair by Maria Concetta Ronchetti. such a nice, friendly designer I met last year. I can’t wait to show you how easy and stunning her projects are, in the meantime you can read more about them in her blog Antichi Ricami here. now off to the scheduled post. 🙂

– – –

I recently worked on a few things, I also prepared myself for some other wintery projects I can’t wait to start. all this and a flood of kitty pictures coming up. enjoy.







JABC materials for Eugenia Tuffet
cause sleeping on the blanket is so mainstream..
at first it’s just a pretty messy cupboard, then you see him.
see, I told you I could fit into it. – if you say so, BaBa..


gravity, I won’t let you win.
you’re working on a sheep?? where??
copied all the templates on the freezer paper, cut and ready to be ironed on the WDW felt.
all parts carefully positioned, ready to be ironed on the white felt
ironed and cut, now the freezer paper can be peeled off
Eugenia, I love you.

– – –

don’t forget to enter your comment for Signed Pumpkins, and autumn giveaway. you can read all about and sign in IN THIS POST ONLY.

good luck and see you tomorrow!

hugs and happy xxx,



7 thoughts on “Chapter thirty-eight – Meet Eugenia

    1. are you kidding me?? we just had Sicilian almond pastries that flew in straight from Sicily. my mom’s new colleague is Sicilian and she flies back to her family every other week, such kind and lovely person. ❤️❤️
      I’m a mess now, I ate so many I’m in a sugar high and can’t sleep at all! 😂

      I know what they say about Italians being unable to feel united, but honestly it’s just a bunch of idiots ruining it all for the others. 😖


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