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Chapter thirty-nine – Long gone summer days

previously on The grey tailI worked on my very first JABC felt pincushion. BaBa approved.

– – –

WARNING. kind of gross pictures coming up.

one morning, during the last month of summer, I found BaBa playing with a pack of piadine. when the game got a little too harsh, I decided to take them away from him. bad idea, being him originally from Emilia Romagna, were piadine are traditional.


I moved too soon, he was so lost in this he didn’t realize what I was doing, .. and my finger got stuck between the piadine and his fang.


at first I felt a strong, sharp pain, then a stream of blood came out. I used an ice pack and Betadine to disinfect the wound. BaBa was so surprised when he felt the finger, he jumped away and came to see what had happened when I had my finger under cold water.

why did you have to do that, you know I can’t resist piadine!
slowly but surely my left index finger started to swollen
see, a pretty pregnant index finger!
nasty yellowish shade when I woke up. I guess he’s pregnant with the son of the devil.

anyways, it didn’t hurt at all. it just looked awful and in real need for antibiotics. I had it checked by a couple of pharmacists and a doctor, they all agreed I wouldn’t loose it. 😉

after a few pills and some greasy ointment I had to apply twice a day it came back to its usual state, pregnancy over. sorry devil. 😀


the same day my dad was stung by an insect while riding his bike, urgent care doctors prescribed a few drops and cream. lucky day, uh? – of course it was a monday. it’s always mondays.

of course I had to take a break from stitching. a real bummer. but it’s all in the past, as our days at Granny’s. check out what we’ve been up to. 🙂

BaBa in his favourite laundry basket
new rose tea with messages on the tag.
“meditation excels you” – if you say so, tea bag..
afternoon nap at the window
evening nap in the bathtub
sink nap while I take a bath


and finally, some stitching. Mary Wigham will take forever to see her end, that’s for sure.

Mary Wigham’s first motif (I forgot the thin line on the top right..) + little start on the second

I chose to stitch this on 40ct. Lentil linen and cotton threads all handmade by Nina (ApricotAsburyBrown RustPeach SorbetPruneMalawiSpring GrassPearlOld JeansWhite SheepClayButter SquashTealOnyxMoss, Hibiscus, NougatOld LaceClementineCigarCaribbeanChampagne). here you see Brown Rust and Teal.

– – –

don’t forget to enter your comment for Signed Pumpkins, and autumn giveaway. you can read all about and sign in IN THIS POST ONLY.

good luck and see you tomorrow!

hugs and happy xxx,



8 thoughts on “Chapter thirty-nine – Long gone summer days

  1. Sai cara amica mia che il tuo Papi assomiglia al mio … quei baffoni !!! una meraviglia ! Fagli i complimenti da parte di una figlia innamorata del suo Papi che purtroppo non è più con me .


  2. Ouch! That’s happened to me a few times. :S Glad your finger made it through! That’s some great stitching too – I can’t believe you’re doing it on 40 count. Yikes!


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