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Chapter forty – there she goes again

previously on The grey tail: I spent the end of the summer at Granny’s, then at home with a pregnant finger. weird, uh? now watch out, more starts on the way.

– – –

back a couple of weeks ago I joined this really funny page on FB thanks to Jo (yep, the one who can’t think of a clever nickname). I have to say, I really reconsidered FB through the stitchers’ eyes. it’s way faster to share news and pictures, as well as following designers and upcoming releases.

here are a couple of things you might want to take a look at. they’re both free. 🙂

Jardin Privée‘s The way to happiness is a free SAL with a monthly schedule. you can read all about it and download the first part here, the second here. Nathalie prepared the design in different languages, German, French, Spanish and Italian. it features Nina‘s threads and there are convenient thread-packs in her Etsy shop. she has stitched the first part already, check it out here.

the way to happiness

Plum Street SamplersSunday Mystery Sampler: Mary I and II. dedicated posts are here, here, here and here – where you can also download part one in both I and II versions, same stitch count but the second one is more densely stitched.

it’s a very quick and easy design to follow, just the thought of so many of us stitching on the same design every Sunday won me and all my needles. this is my start on 40ct. Victorian Cacao light with Nina‘s threads.



I picked my threads and realized I made a silly mistake with Mary’s hair, also I’ll frog the motif I added in Onyx on Joseph’s dress and restitch it in Champagne.

last but not least, the design I’m more excited about. the one I’ll work during fall/wintertime.

The Shop Around the Corner‘s Marquoir. Manuela has designed this sweet wintery sampler and I immediately jumped on the wagon. there’s a contest for all the participants, you can read about it here and here.

image taken from Manuela’s blog “Le crocette di Manu”

this one is not free, you can download the pattern from Manu’s Etsy shop or get her designs from your local needlework shop. they’ll be distributed by Dinky Dyes! 😀

prizes for the related Autumn Contest are: a 50 euros gift voucher, an embroidery kit and a pattern of your choice.

I already picked threads and linen from Nina. I’m sure you’re going to love this, I added a couple of hand painted buttons by Elisabetta/Fall Harvest. one will be picked up at the fair, the other one is a very special one I’ll show you tomorrow. 😀

a hint..



– – –

don’t forget to enter your comment for Signed Pumpkins, and autumn giveaway. you can read all about and sign in IN THIS POST ONLY.

good luck and see you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Chapter forty – there she goes again

  1. Your Mary’s Sampler looks wonderful! I love the colour of the fabric which you have chosen. I have yet to try stitching on 40 ct. I’m not sure my eyes could take it. I also love the new winter sampler you are planning to stitch. It’s so very pretty!


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