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Chapter forty-two – Cat carousel

previously on The grey tailI completely lost it by having custom made BaBa-buttons.

– – –

it’s here, the best time of the year is finally here! can you see the leaves turning yellow? oh I love this season!





mom, I’m so grateful you went through a hell of a summer while being pregnant with me, so that I’d be born in this swirl of leaves and wind. well, in a hospital room with a swirl of leaves and wind outside the window. 😀

the fact that in October 1985 we had summer-like weather was a real bummer, right mom? 😀

hot tea, finally!
the microwave oven is evidently getting too small. actually it broke down, I wonder what BaBa will say once it’s gone.
uuuh, new arrivals from The Attic 🙂
is it for me?
who? moi?? I never played with your threads! NEEEVVVEEER!!
when would I have time for that anyways, these yummy paws keep me busy all day long!
that, and my guitar sessions. I’m a pretty busy guy, you know.
yeah, as if you needed to use it.
yeah, as if you needed to use this either!

– – –

there’s a lovely giveaway going on at I’ll cross that leg when I get to it..Julie has worked on these wonderful little pumpkins and she’s gifting one to one of her followers. see how cute it is? 🙂

image taken from Julie’s blog “I’ll cross that leg when I get to it..”

– – –

don’t forget to enter your comment for Signed Pumpkins, and autumn giveaway. you can read all about and sign in IN THIS POST ONLY.

good luck!

hugs and happy xxx,



4 thoughts on “Chapter forty-two – Cat carousel

  1. Oh, how I love Taras Baba – I just want to hop on a plane and come tickle his tummy!
    Chiara, what is the date of your birthday, exactly?
    Thanks, too for the lovely ecard – cheered me up immensely.


    1. hehehe! you could, you know, he really likes to have new friends around. especially of they’re willing to rub his tummy! 😊
      the exact date is October 6th, while BaBa’s is September 19th and now that I think about it I have to get him a real birthday present, snacks don’t count! 😉


  2. Silly kitty! My mother’s b-day is the 7th, and my DH is this week – for the next month, we’re the same age, then next month, I’m the “old” lady again 🙂 Fall is my favorite season, too, especially since I moved to the southern half of the country, where it could last until December! I don’t think it will this year, but it “could” 🙂


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