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Chapter forty-three – To infinity and beyond

previously on The grey taillots of kitty pictures.

– – –

look who discovered you can climb up the gazebo and enjoy the summer breeze on the barbecue chimney top.. IMG_1937

you watched The lion king too many times, mate.




every lizard in our garden seemed to loose the tail..
poor thing, she was so shocked she kept on running towards his paw. don’t worry, no lizard was harmed, I picked her up and saved her from BaBa’s claws.
what is the point of hunting them if you ruin it all for me..
watching the sunset
darn bird, you’re out of my reach! come down! I say, come down!
it’s raining outside, so the happy camper moved indoors.
first pumpkin soup of the season. yummy!
mom has a new colleague at work who comes from Sicily, she left her kids and family there and goes back by plane every two weekends. look what she brought to us!
fresh sicilian cannoli!! oh my goodness!!
the guys at the airport check in wondered for whom the darlings would be, ha ha!

– – –

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5 thoughts on “Chapter forty-three – To infinity and beyond

  1. Ah! Cannoli! One good thing about Melbourne is that lots of Sicilians live here (I married into a Sicilian family) – so we can always get good Cannoli! Yum! Taras is as handsome as ever!


  2. Mmmmm, cannoli! Haven’t had good cannoli in years – wrong part of the country now 😦 We have all tail-less lizards, too, thanks to Bean – I happen to LIKE our lizards, but he just won’t listen….


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