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Chapter forty-five – Happy Birthday Taras!

previously on The grey taillots of kitty pictures.

– – –

before I turned 25+3 years old, one little happy camper turned, hear hear ONE!! 😀

WOOHHOO BaaBaa!! happy birthday!!

– hey, BaBa!
– yes?
– it’s your birthday! you’re one year old!!
– he he.. tuna cake! tuna cake!
to celebrate I’ll hug my favourite chair in every way I can.
WHAT?? you didn’t make me a tuna cake?? oh no..
– but I made you this nice little tent for you to sleep in..
– that doesn’t count, you do that ever day.
chair, you’re the only one who understands me..
I think I’ll cry.
sniff.. sniff..
– what if I tell you there’s another cake, chicken and prosciutto..
– now that’s more like it.
I love you, world. I got chicken and prosciutto cake.
they lighted up the fireplace for me, I really am a happy camper.

– – –

on the stitching front, I had a few arrivals back in September from Cathy at Inspired Needle.

first chart for Lizzie Kate’s new mystery, Holly & Hearts.
new spare dowels for the Doodler.
With Thy Needle & Thread Birds of a feather mystery chart in 3 parts from 2011, a flaming new pair of Dovo scissors for Hardanger cutwork.
ball circuit all changed and cleaned up, I simply have to take a nap here now.
chiara, clear out this mess, I’m trying to sleep under the blanket here!

Taras was born last September 19th, he’s grown up into a marvelous, cuddly buddy. I really want to thank Carla and Gianni for the incredible work and socializing program they developed for their cats. by the way, who wants more kitten pictures?! 😀 here is a direct link to the pictures taken to Taras & his 7 brothers and sisters when they were kittens!

– – –

don’t forget to enter your comment for Signed Pumpkins, and autumn giveaway. you can read all about and sign in IN THIS POST ONLY.

good luck!

hugs and happy xxx,



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