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Abilmente ’13

I have to say this year’s experience was as fun as tiring. I got home with a bit of a headache, a sharp pain in my shoulders, a sore throat and a burning feeling in my eyes. nothing a few hours of sleep couldn’t fix (it’s currently 6:43 AM I’ve been awake for a couple of hours, did the dishes, the laundry, fed BaBa and I’m at the second cup of tea) – so let’s go back to yesterday morning cause I don’t mean to brag but I HAD A BLAST! 😀

the day started with a bit of alarm postponing, quick shower, no breakfast cause I was in a hurry (big mistake), a small detour to mom’s workplace cause she forgot a bag of paper birds on the kitchen table 😀 (mom’s a Kindergarten teacher) – and then I was off to the fair in Vicenza.


Abilmente is not a needlework-only fair, it covers all sorts of crafting and hobby supplies you can think of. there’s an autumn and spring edition every year and it lasts 4 days, from thursday to sunday, with the highest peak of visitors during the weekend.

I had my phone fully charged, Maps took me straight to the right place in the (surprisingly correctly) estimated 45 minutes, payed only 3,30 euros at the toll booth, arrived at 11AM when the course started at 12.. all in all pretty promising.


I passed the furthest parking lot, the eleventh, which needs a shuttle bus to take you tot he fair – cause certainly I won’t have to park that far!

well, I was absolutely wrong. ALL parking lots were jam packed and sealed off,  I spent the following 45 minutes driving around, one “sold out” sign after the other, until I found myself back to square-one thinking had I entered this one first, I would have been there an hour ago..

anyways, still 15 minutes before the course started!

3 euros for the all-day-long parking service, a (free) shuttle bus that arrived minutes later and took me and a merry group of ladies straight to one of the entrances to the fair, only a few minutes of queue at the gates for the ticket – and all I’m thinking is honestly this is so not Italy! 😀

a quick look at the map to see where Maria Concetta‘s course was held and uuuuh, I arrived just in time for her course!

I assumed it was going to be a class with a specific time and students listed, on the other hand by reserving a place for 12AM I had actually  booked Maria Concetta all for myself for as long as I needed! 😀

she gave me a lovely cut of Adige Grigoletto gingham linen (one that works perfectly for the Broderie Suisse projects), plenty of #8 Perlé cotton thread, needle, pattern, and we started!

I heard this technique is as fast as effective, but blimey it is even more than I expected! here is my start after a few minutes of stitching in Maria‘s company.


after the “base” is completed I started working on the motifs. here you can see a row of circles on top and my very first flower just underneath. how lovely is that?! 🙂


at this point I realized the mobile internet connection was jammed or completely unavailable, cause I couldn’t post anything at all. I tried many times, standing in various places but nada. then (second big mistake) I forgot to turn it off, so the poor thing tried to look for a hotspot for hours – and when I took it out to take pictures it was practically dead. argh!

I’m so angry with myself, there were so many wonderful things I wanted to share. many I had to skip – either cause I barely could walk those corridors, or I seriously needed to keep my wallet closed shut in the bag. on the other hand, those beautifully decorated stands couldn’t be photographed for copyright reasons (a sadly serious issue in Italy), so all you missed were pictures of ladies taking quilting courses – those were the only I guess I could have captured! 🙂

once folded in 4, the map is a bit smaller than an A4 paper sheet!
close up of the pavilion B, the one dedicated to cross stitch, needlework and various courses.
complete list of stands and distributors.

it was really well organized, in spite of the immense hoard of people that arrived on the first day. I found out today the Italian railways are on strike, so this might have added early visitors to the first day of fair.

I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow’s post, stash included. 😉

hey, it took you all day to come home with this stuff and now you’re telling me it’s not for me?!
come on, you know I’m only waiting for the bags to crawl into, the charts to sit onto, ..

– – –

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hugs and happy xxx,



5 thoughts on “Abilmente ’13

  1. I can’t believe you spent as long driving round the car parks as you did actually getting there!!
    The “class” sounds lovely, having the designer all to yourself!
    I’m so pleased you had a lovely time, looking forward to the stash piccies now.


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