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the girl with the tombstone

I forgot to mention how a success Maria Concetta’s course was the other day. another lady joined us while I was halfway through the lesson, and many more asked if they could reserve a place too for the afternoon or the following days.

the course, complete with plenty of fabric and threads to take home and practice, costed only 10 euros. I found the chart absolutely adorable and will definitely time how many hours it takes me to stitch up 🙂


this is the same pattern repeated twice, in the upper version you cover the darkly coloured squares with Smyrna Crosses, in the other one you stitch them in the creamy squares – highlighting the dark parts of the fabric in the middle of the circles.

add this to the many colour options of the Adige Grigoletto fabrics and the stunning ThreadworX overdyed threads and you get a zillion of possible projects that stitch up really quickly and every time look differently. I’ll definitely try them out as soon as I get more practice done with this that turned into a doodle cloth.

my first rows of circles, on top, a flower and a few squares underneath.
these new prints are bi-lingual (Italian and French) but honestly the close up pictures of all the stitches and the charts are pretty descriptive.

these are a couple of books I got from Maria Concetta, the first ones dedicated to this technique she discovered back in 2000-and-something and brought to Italy making it a huge success – such a success that now her books get photocopied and sold in kitted up versions of her designs.. argh!

after my very first and extremely satisfying attempt at Broderie Suisse with Maria Concetta Ronchetti, I lent her my hoop for the afternoon courses (she hadn’t expected that many people all together, coming up to her while we were working) and headed off to the other stands I really didn’t want to miss out.

my first stop was, of course, Elisabetta from Stitched Tales (remember those gorgeous BaBa-buttons?). she was so nice and friendly, we talked for waaay too long! 😀

hand painted wooden buttons and complimentary charts by Elisabetta.

opposite Elisabetta’s stand was Michael Powell, a kind man that constantly comes up with great designs.

this is River Cottage, from a lovely countryside trio, and a beautiful postcard with his Venice triptych – on my wishlist every year cause of the huge discount you get at the fair.

then I found Nicoletta/Nikyscreations and picked up a few signed copies of the Autumn Sampler, Christmas Mailing and one of her lovely pumpkin pincushions.


proceeding on the same corridor I found these delightful German books from Nonnalana (Grandmawool) needlework shop.

see that wonderful teapot cover with the gingerbread couple?

more charts from Nonnalana Needlework Shop, this time Halloween themed. the Autumn version of Sara’s Seasons (remember the Spring I started last year?) and the new Halloween Town by Madame Chantilly, looove this one.


I still had a couple of books on my must-buy list, so I went towards another needlework shop, Il Telaio Povolaro.

another German book by Acufactum and Mon Cahier de Broderie by Marie Suarez.

after taking a quick look these are a couple of designs from these books that I can’t wait to work on.



a quick stop at Renato Parolin for a couple of his brand new designs. this is a really gorgeous series Magie veneziane (Venetian Enchantments) dedicated to Venice and all the small islands surrounding it. I got number 1 (Island of San Secondo) and 5 (Island of Tessera) cause I saw them all stitched and framed, and these two were the ones I liked the most.

you can’t really tell but the one on the left is huuge. not that much high, but 700W!

this is a part of the chart I thought I had to share. it really tells you how copyright issues are a plague in this country.

“with my sincerely moved heart, I once again wish to thank every one who affectionately brought joy to my soul purchasing, as a sign of faith and gratitude, one of my original charts.”

in the following corridor, right after a gelato stand, was Isabella/The Primitive Hare.

Spooky Countdown copies and a Wicked Witch wooden thread winder from The Primitive Hare.

there was a huge display of her works, a few wooden frames and a wonderful panel packed with Nina’s Threads, aaawwww! 🙂

I got to pick a design of my choice from Isabella (YAY!) and when I opened the charts from Renato Parolin I found a sweet design featuring a tree and a squirrel called Joyful Christmas.

and now the pièce de résistance, one of Isabella’s wooden tombstones I carried all the way to the bus shuttle. pretty weird, walking around with a tombstone poking out of your bag, but it’ll be the icing on the Spooky Countdown. 😀



– – –

after I took the bus shuttle and reached the car, I took the highway and within an hour I was doing some shopping at the hypermarket (is this a word, really?) – charts are everything but edible. 😀

add another hour and a half and I was having dinner with my mom & sis. I’d found this new Dr. Oetker Ristorante frozen pizza and it was Y.U.M.M.Y. – cause I’m as Italian as I am lazy.

– – –

I have to thank all the wonderful designers and shop owners I met at the fair, they were all so nice, friendly and chatty! I had a really good time.

thank you all for the lovely comments and don’t forget to enter your comment for Signed Pumpkins, and autumn giveaway. you can read all about and sign in IN THIS POST ONLY.

good luck! only a couple of days and we’ll find out who are the winners!

happy hermitting!


13 thoughts on “the girl with the tombstone

  1. I had a lesson from Maria Concetta Ronchetti also last year. I agree with you it is so much fun doing Broderie Suisse with ThreadworX


  2. Wow, looks like you had a ton of fun! I love your purchases. We get Dr. Oetker Ristorante frozen pizza here, and I actually really like the mushroom one. I’m obsessed with pizza, though, so I have to watch my intake. 😛


  3. I didn’t have to wait long for the stash post!! What an amazing haul you got. And meeting the designers too. I love Michael Powell’s houses and have a little book of his design.
    The Hallowe’en themed designs are particular favourites too.
    In fact, all of it! So if you hear a little burglar with an English accent climbing through your window – it will be me!!


  4. Hello, Chiara! I want to thank you for your nice comments on my blog–your English is wonderful!! I would never know you weren’t a native English-speaker 🙂

    Love all the goodies you got–especially the Halloween Town! I’m happy to have found your blog and am now your latest follower! Happy Stitching 🙂


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