Giveaways · Signed Pumpkins

goodbye signed pumpkins!

hey! just a few words to thank you all for the great response about the latest giveaway. it was the most appreciated so far and I really liked planning and hosting Signed Pumpkins.

giveaway prize

Autumn Sampler

after a pretty crazy morning, I’m in the process of printing, adding extra entires to followers & stuff, then I’ll finally pick the lucky winners out of the bowl.

also, I’m working on the second laundry cargo of the day, home made tomato sauce, already re-organized and cleaned the WIP basket and yarn basket, a dishwasher to empty (again!), trash taken out, .. all in all I managed to have lunch at 3PM – and had a bit too much coffee.

in the meantime, why not checking out Nicoletta/Nikyscreations‘s latest post, she published a few pictures of her lovely, primitive stand at Abilmente 🙂

– – –

thank you all for joining, commenting and following. it’s so lovely to have you around.

be back soon with the winners! 🙂


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