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and the winners are..

sorry you had to wait till the following morning, today – if possible – seems to be even worse than yesterday. but you’re not here for a rant, you’re here for the good news! 🙂

I carefully prepared entries yesterday afternoon. we had 26 participants, with a total of 47 entries (max +2 extra entries each if you followed and posted about the giveaway in your blog). I checked the followers’ count and woohoo! 17 new followers since I announced the giveaway! good job you all! 🙂

and now.. (insert mental drum roll here, please)


ta da!!


Annette and Carol!

you lucky girls! 😀

twice as lucky, cause they both added a preference for a different chart! this way they’ll both get what they wanted, Annette gets a signed copy of the Autumn Sampler by Nikyscreations and Carol gets a signed copy of Spooky Countdown by The Primitive Hare. win win! 😉

I’ll go to the PO before the Venice Marathon close down. every year when runners pass along the Riviera, we get the main road closed down – and, it goes without saying, the PO is on the other side of the main road. argh!

also, we have a third lucky winner, Mindi, who was the first one to guess why I was walking around the fair with a tombstone poking out of my bag! 😀

[this last minute thing happened on my Facebook profile, so if you have one – go and look for Taras BaBa, you never know what might happen there! :D]

I’ll pick something from my latest stash enhancement and send it to you, Mindi! 🙂

– – –

thank you all for joining 🙂

lots of hugs and happy xxx,

have a wonderful day!


3 thoughts on “and the winners are..

  1. Thank you again, Chiara!! I am so very excited to have won this darling chart 🙂 Your generosity is certainly appreciated–and congratulations to Annette, too!


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