The Grey Tail

Chapter forty-six – It’s contagious

previously on the grey tailSigned Pumpkins giveaway winners, stash additions and an account of my visit at the needlework fair.

– – –

my sis had a pretty busy summer this year, with the time she spent in the UK and her new experiments with glass paintings (yep, they’re as cool as they sound). so after 3 months without a bath (YIKES!), BaBa finally went into the tub and we gave him a proper, thorough grooming session.

it may sound haughty and unnecessary but when you have soon-to-be-neutered, hormones-celebrating male that played with water every day in the garden – you really want to clean it all up before the cold weather makes him want to sleep around your neck.

also, a really good grooming program prevents hair swallowing an consequent stomachaches and possible hair ball regurgitations, dreadfully tangled knots, hair loss around the house, and actually saves you from seeing all the washing/combing work disappear in a few days.

picture if you could wash your hair once a month and have them clean and untangled for the following 30 days, I’d vote for that! 😀

so here is a extra fluffy BaBa, who by the way loves the warm shower head on his belly.


I can count the minutes I get to sit on this chair every day, seriously.
I found even Dad kissing this super fluffy belly. the disease is evidently contagious.
he loves when we give the ball circuit a new direction. of course, it takes a little before the novelty factor kicks in.
you know, you’re getting pretty good at thread cards.
an insect interrupting his love/hate relationship with Ottone the mouse.
in case the ball moves while I’m resting my eyes.
a new habit, sleeping at the foot of the bed.

we are getting closer to the end of these catching-up chapters 🙂

– – –

thank you all for the lovely comments,

I hope you’re having a wonderful week.




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