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Knit Camp is here!

just a quick  post to let you know the amazing Kat Goldin at Slugs on the Refrigerator just announced a new Camp for the new year! a knitting camp!!

a new camp?!
this means I get more yarn to play with, right?

I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit but never dared, my lost battle with crochet was all the disappointment I could take.

I convinced myself that with Kat I had a chance, so I entrusted her beautiful pictures and wise guidance and joined the Crochet Camp this summer. it was a BLAST! I have to get back to my hook cause, to my surprise, I can do it! 😀

yarn basket '13

here is my rearranged yarn basket. isn’t it the most inspiring thing to look at every morning when you get out of bed? 😀

here is a direct link to her freshly posted announcement. the lessons are completely free, and they prepared kits for all the three projects we’ll work on: cuff mitts, flat hat and a gorgeous patterned hottie. the kits include printed booklets, hot water bottle, knitting needles and of course enough yarn for the three projects. mind, they will go like hot cakes, there is Libby SummersFine Aran kitted up! 😀

since I missed the kit for the Crochet Camp (and ended up buying a pretty tricky yarn) – I didn’t let it happen again. I placed my order a few minutes ago, chose green and blue for the mitts & hat, cream for the hottie. you can see them here, they’re

if you want to take a look at the Crochet Camp projects and Kat’s way of teaching, here is a direct link. there are both US and UK versions. (I told you, she’s GOOD!)

knit? you better be good at it, I need more blankets.

– – –

lots of hugs and happy xxx,

have a great day!



7 thoughts on “Knit Camp is here!

    1. the crochet lessons and projects are still available, Ariadne. you didn’t see them before cause you were on a well deserved holiday in beautiful Greece! 😍
      I got the kit cause my knitting supplies are non existing, never tried it before. it’ll be so good to see your creations, I’m sure you’re great at it! 😘


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