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Chapter forty-seven – A shivering autumn

previously on the grey tail: post-bath BaBa was another excuse to post a ton of kitty pictures.

– – –

the day before I went to the fair I found this in my snail mail. 🙂

from the auto-ship at Inspired Needle, the second part of Lizzie Kate’s new mystery Holly & Hearts.

good to know, cause winter is really on its way! we had a few warmer days when we didn’t light up the fireplace, and now we’re back to some really cold temperatures.

BaBa enjoys the warmth of the WiFi + sunlight combo.
no wonder it takes me forever to load pages when I’m upstairs.
and when it’s time for the afternoon nap, he slides under the blanket and loses track of time.
this pose makes me laugh every time.

and then, to prove that I’ve been stitching, here is an update on the Sunday Mystery Sampler (Mary II) by Plum Street Samplers.

part 1, Joseph and a pretty pregnant Mary
part 2, the manger/cradle


part 3, lots of sheep (2 more to go)

I’m using Nina‘s 40ct. Victorian Cacao light and cotton threads: Grizzly, Mill, Apricot, Old Gold, Olive Oil, Pearl, Clay, Espresso, Desert Rose light, Steel, Pecan, Prune, Sea Breeze, Old Lace and White Sheep.

I’m not 100% sure about the brown in the sheep, Mill. it doesn’t stand out like I want it to but it was dark when I took the picture and I really need to take this out and check it properly under the daylight.

part 3 completed. I changed all the colours and added two tiny borders at the bottom of both Joseph and Mary’s clothes.

then I worked on The Shop Around the Corner‘s StitchME, still working  on the very colorful border. here the light green and yellow portions are still missing.

here I thought I made the nth miscount, frogged and re-stitched the leaf, checked the chart, told Manu and found out it was meant to be asymmetric – I swear my symmetric OCD will drive me mad. oh well, now it stays as it is.

36ct. French Vanilla linen and Nina’s Threads: Cigar, Moss, Spring Grass, Blush (this is a limited edition colour), Mermaid and Daffodil.

– – –

thank you for the comments,

they always cheer me up.

hugs and happy xxx,




5 thoughts on “Chapter forty-seven – A shivering autumn

  1. Your Mary’s Sampler is lovely, Chiara! I know I’ll stitch that one some day–just not this year.

    I would imagine your weather is a lot like ours–it is definitely cooling off more and more each day! Winter is on the way (which I don’t mind, as long as I don’t have to go out in it!!)…

    Love your kitty–sure wish I could get another, but my husband is allergic to them so–no more cats for us 😦


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