The Grey Tail

Chapter fifty-four – Mushrooms!

previously on the grey tail: got seriously hooked on crocheting. – – – after dedicating a bit of concentration to the hooking process, I must say it really is time and dedication that it needs. if you think you can’t get the hang of it, just let it rest for a while, then pick it up with…… Continue reading Chapter fifty-four – Mushrooms!

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Chapter fifty-three – Hooked

previously on the grey tail: posted a couple of cool recipes. – – – after all this eating stuff, it’s time to make things right. off with the kitty pictures. 😀 – – – on the stitching front, not so much stitching really. I took out my crochet yarn and got seriously hooked. I spent an entire…… Continue reading Chapter fifty-three – Hooked

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Chapter fifty-two – Bitchy spaghetti

previously on the grey tail: I made home-made tomato sauce, a delicious pain in the arse. – – – still on the Italian cooking front, I prepared a classic one, spaghetti alla puttanesca. now, it might sound like a swear word (and it gets really close) but the origins of this dish are a bit tricky and you…… Continue reading Chapter fifty-two – Bitchy spaghetti

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Chapter fifty-one – Tomato feast

previously on the grey tail: lots of yummy stuff.  – – – apart from taking care of long, elaborated digestive sessions, I’ve also been cooking stuff. mom came home with a big bag of tomatoes, at the end of summer they’re just perfect for tomato sauce. so I washed them carefully, cut them in half or quarters (depending…… Continue reading Chapter fifty-one – Tomato feast

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a TUSAL update and a winner!

another post today to (finally!) catch up with this month’s TUSAL report, only a couple of days late. this month it’s a huge pile, you can see it on the right. there are ends and frogs from Mary’s Sampler, mainly browns and whites, plus lots of bright greens and pinks from Manu’s StitchME. but the big…… Continue reading a TUSAL update and a winner!

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Chapter fifty – Eugenia and the birthday cakes

previously on the grey tail: the mother of all supplies.  – – – part of the things I forgot to show you are pictures from my birthday cakes. instead of having one huge cake (that is never happens to be the one I like) I asked for many different pastries and small cakes. included my favourite croissant…… Continue reading Chapter fifty – Eugenia and the birthday cakes

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Chapter forty-nine – Spooky stash

previously on the grey tail: lots of Halloween watching. – – – during summer, while I was staying over at Granny’s, I needed something to keep me going through the insane moments she had – and St. Charles’ Market reports were there to cheer me up and (ouch!) enhance my already ginormous stash. you have been warned. first…… Continue reading Chapter forty-nine – Spooky stash