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pumpkins and spiders

ciao everybody! I hope you had a wonderfully spooky Halloween, packed with goods and treats!

I caught (better said, they brought home) an annoying cold, so basically there’s always someone drinking hot tea, sneezing, blowing one’s nose or melting Eucalyptus flavoured tablets in one’s mouth – repeat ad infinitum.

I haven’t been able to sleep much. either I had such a sore throat it actually woke me up yesterday, or my right nostril went on strike last night and I woke up gasping, and with a real pain in my other nostril – which was doing all the work alone.

anyways, all this stuff forced me indoors and I’ve been busy, I’m telling you!

but first things first. I got a lovely email from Angi this morning and it reminded me I had some unfinished business. so without further ado I’m giving you the complete guide to My (own) kitchen/Look what’s brewin’ 😉 Angi’s design from her october contest. the pattern is still available, so if you like the piece I’ve shown you during Jo‘s Halloween Blog Hop, that’s it. you’re in the right place. 🙂


– – –

My (own) kitchen/Look what’s brewin’
a complete recap
fabric: Nina‘s 40ct. Victorian Cacao Light linen, stitched 1 over 2
[thread list has been removed. if you’re interested in the threads I used write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes)]
  • added the apostrophe in WHAT’S, this means moving the S 4 fabric threads away from the T
  • the witch’s stockings have backstitched stripes in Onyx
  • her hair are Steel grey
  • the dangling spider: green spider button by Just Another Button Co. “Small Green Spider” code #1209S (I have a few of these and, even though they’re all small size buttons, some are slightly bigger, some slightly smaller. this one is a very small one that fitted perfectly)

when you’re done with the stitching, give the piece a good ironing. you won’t be able to iron it properly once the button is attached.

attaching the spider:

1. using a long cut of Onyx thread, backstitch (over 2 fabric threads) the straight line from the end of the K in LOOK, make it at least 10 stitches (20 fabric threads) long;

2. place the spider button at the end of the line and make sure you’re covering the end of said line with the spider’s buttocks 😀

3. attach the spider by coming up in the hole 8 times, giving him 8 legs (4 on each side) that stay at different angles. while doing so, add 8 backstitched feet at the end of each leg (each is made of 1 backstitch over 2 threads and again, place them at different angles if you like);

4. secure thread on the back.

you can find more pictures in this post, click on them for a better view.

– – –

btw, Angi had serious troubles with her blog, My happy memories, so she had to move it here. there’s a new adorable freebie called Pumpkins & Pins! 🙂

and now that I mentioned pumpkins, I don’t think I wrote about this here.. Maja over at The Snowflower Diaries has dedicated an adorable design to Cathy.

image taken from The Snowflower Diaries’ blog

I’ll definitely stitch this one many times, while remembering our dear friend. you can find the pattern by clicking on the picture or following this link.

– – –

as for some recent stitching, here’s what I’ve been up to (also a confirm I cannot keep up with seasonal stitching in the proper season).

it’s Manuela/The Shop Around the Corner‘s StitchME. once again, there are many things I did my way so stay tuned for another “complete recap post” when I finish it.

halfway through the gorgeous outer border
my stitching buddy
mmmmmmmh.. and all this time you could have been playing catch with me..
I think I can turn this into a napping spot, watch me!
this is the only picture that shows the true colours. sorry if they show up differently elsewhere but the indoors lights turn everything yellowish.
I changed all cross stitches in the hill into these, way faster and really cool IMHO 🙂
it’s a Scotch variation Stitch in two colours, Moss and Spring Grass.
a bit of frogging. I had to change a few things in order to make everything fit nicely.



this is another picture with the left border still in progress. I’m using Nina’s Threads (CigarSpring GrassMossDaffodil, Blush and Mermaid – these last two are limited edition colours) on her 36ct. French Vanilla linen.


and here you can see the wooden button Elisabetta/Fall Harvest made for the design. I have something else from Elisabetta I’ll add in the middle, if you’ve been following this blog you can easily guess what that might be. 😀

and this is an adorable needle minder I got this summer from The Attic. it’s a fake scissor by Kelmscott that made a friend of mine go crazy over the fact that it looked like a scissor but wasn’t made for doing what a scissor regularly does. some people are weird.. 😀

and here is the stitching buddy always looking for a way to startle me..

you nailed it, pal!

– – –

this post is way too long already,

thank you for the lovely comments! welcome to all the new viewers and followers!

enjoy the Sunday and happy xxx!



10 thoughts on “pumpkins and spiders

  1. All great projects!
    Love your new start as well, great idea for the hill, it makes it look more dimensional.
    Love the pics of your kitty also. 🙂


  2. Wow, your stitching looks beautiful! Great job. I like how you replaced the cross stitching with the Scotch Variation Stitch. It looks fantastic. 😀


  3. Thank you for sharing the free chart, I forgot to go back and pick that one up.

    Your furry friend is so sweet, mine always likes to play with the threads!


  4. I LOVE the Scotch hill – what a cool idea 🙂 This is going to be an amazing piece 🙂 Feel Better! I am finally over the same thing, but there were a couple of crappy nights in the process 😦


    1. exactly, it took me a few crappy nights before I surrendered to taking medications. the apnea is what I just couldn’t fight alone.
      the Scotch variation Stitch is one of the speciality stitches in VS’ Happy Hearts. I was looking at it with Manu’s chart right beside and it dawned to me. no faster way to fill in those long rows, even though it’s pretty thread consuming.


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