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Chapter forty-eight – Hide & Explore

previously on the grey tailsome stitching and a leaky nose.

 – – –

entering our kitchen brings such surprises! 😀

napping in the sink


exploring the kitchen.
flash news, the clock on top has just flown to the floor, smashed in powder-weight pieces. good job, pal!
breakfast while nobody’s around

don’t think you can come back from a food shopping trip without undergoing a thorough inspection.



cause the beddies are so mainstream..
guess who’s hiding under that breathing blanket?


BaBa!! don’t worry I’ll buy a new clock, just don’t smash it again for a couple of years, they’re kind of expensive.

– – –

now that I paid my kitty tribute, here are some stitching pictures. I’ve been keeping up with Plum Street Sampler‘s Sunday Mystery Sampler. can you believe it? I’m actually keeping up with one of the 45803946396 SALs I’m working on! 😀

I chose to stitch Mary II, which means the more intensive version. here are some progress pics 🙂

week 4
start on week 5
week 5 finally completed. I changed (again!) the star on top of the manger, the angel’s hair and the big star on top. indoor lights are not helping much, sorry!

since the cold wasn’t giving me any other option during the Halloween weekend, I selected a few spooky movies we always watch at the end of October and let the traditional watching & stitching begin. 😀

we started off with a classic..


then I went on with Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, The Black Cauldron, Coraline, Labyrinth (David Bowie in tights, what a childhood I had), The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Goonies (not strictly Halloween, but it’s always the right time to watch the Goonies), The Shining and Cape Fear. loooved  re-watching all these with BaBa under the blankets.

another great movie I watched recently, just perfect for this time of year, is World War Z. I didn’t stitch at all while watching this, too much to see!

my favourite mug for the month
my sister’s is red and has Jack & Mr. Boogieman.


BaBa got all seasonal too, here he is between two small pumpkins.
a bigger dish will never arrive too soon.

this is a picture I took on the drive home the other day while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. beautiful fall colours.




– – –

thank you for the comments and emails, they always make my day.

welcome to all the new followers and viewers!

have a great week,



6 thoughts on “Chapter forty-eight – Hide & Explore

  1. The SMS is coming along wonderfully – I look forward to seeing what comes next 🙂 I guess a broken clock is a small price to pay for such a cute kitty 🙂 So long as he doesn’t make a habit of it, of course!


    1. he never broke a thing until a couple of weeks ago, when his clumsiness went on fire all of a sudden. I counted a kneecapped gnome, a pile of CDs scattered on the floor (most cases broken), a stupid Galilean thermometer smashed on the floor (you have NO idea how smelly that liquid is), a small origano vase + kitchen clock ..I say it’s enough already!


  2. MY Cat loves to lay in the sink and anywhere else she feels like laying.
    Love the pics of your cat the mug is a hoot I have a favorite halloween mug myself. I hope you leaky nose stops soon, love the progress on your stitching.


  3. i love to read your 45803946396 SAL posts.. and i want to tell you.. i was also watching Hocus Pocus.. LOL.. such a coincident.
    and I hope you are well again.. take care.. 😀


  4. Awww, Baba is so cute!! Your stitching looks beautiful, and your Halloween movie selection is perfect! Such a blast from the past reading that list of movies – Hocus Pocus and the Nightmare Before Christmas in particular. 😀


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