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a TUSAL update and a winner!

another post today to (finally!) catch up with this month’s TUSAL report, only a couple of days late.


this month it’s a huge pile, you can see it on the right. there are ends and frogs from Mary’s Sampler, mainly browns and whites, plus lots of bright greens and pinks from Manu’s StitchME.

but the big stuff comes from my crocheting attempts on top, lots and lots of twisted chains in white and blue, plus a few gone-wrong starts on the potholder, my very first crocheted project.

on a happier note, on the left you can see the much improved 1sr side of the potholder. finally got the hang of those DC rows! 😀

also, a start on the other side, in red. I discovered that I’m a pretty tight crocheter, and I holy my hook and working yarn as if I was knitting. kind of funny, considering I’ve never even held a knitting hook in my entire life!

another update comes from Mary’s Sampler or Sunday Mystery Sampler from Plum Street Samplers.


I’m still not sure about the green in the new guy on the right. it seemed perfect in my mind, but the more I look at him, the more I see a green monster.. we’ll what happens next week, I might just frog him out – oh dear!

now that we’re on the Mary subject, here is a complete recap of what I’ve been using. enjoy 🙂

 – – –

Sunday Mystery Sampler/Mary II

a complete recap of weeks 1-6

fabric: Nina’s 40ct. Dark Beige linen

[if you’re interested in the complete list of threads I used, use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes)].

  • week 1: Mary’s hair and shoes in Grizzly; Mary’s band in Old Lace; Mary’s dress in Sea Breeze; skin in Desert Rose light; Joseph’s dress in White Sheep; headband in Steel; both veils in Mill; stick in Espresso.
  • I added a motif to both dresses, a backstitched line in the lowest cross-stitched row that goes like |_|_|_|_|_| between every cross-stitch.
  • I added backstitched lines to Joseph’s sandals (two at the bottom, one on top of every feet)
  • week 2: manger in Grizzly; straw in Old Gold; star in (from outside towards inside) Old Gold, Sea Breeze, Pecan; aura dots in White Sheep.
  • week 3: single sheep on top in White Sheep; other three sheep in Pearl; sheep’s ears and feet in Espresso.
  • week 4: angel’s clothes in White Sheep; skin in Desert Rose light; wing in Mill; trumpet in Apricot; hair in Grizzly.
  • week 5: angel’s clothes in White Sheep; skin in Desert Rose light; wing in Mill; hair in Grizzly; big star (from outside towards inside) Old Gold, Sea Breeze, Pecan, Pearl; small stars (from outside towards inside) Old Gold, Sea Breeze, Apricot.
  • week 6: pastor’s clothes in Olive Oil; skin in Desert Rose light; headband in Steel; veil in Mill; stick in Espresso; big star in (from outside towards inside) Pecan, Old Gold, Sea Breeze; Apricot.
  • I added a motif to his dress, a backstitched line in the lowest cross-stitched row that goes like |_|_|_|_|_| between every cross-stitch.
  • I added backstitched lines to his sandals (two at the bottom, one on top of every feet)

– – –

last but not least, I’ve been lucky enough to win a little something from none but Susan Myers/Acorn House Designs. she had this funny treasure hunt on her FB page and the competitive beast in me didn’t go to sleep until she got it. 😉

oh did I sleep well last night! 😀

what I won is a handmade polymer clay poinsettia as in Susan’s design featured in this year’s JCS Christmas Ornament issue. WOOOHOOO! 😀

you can still have a chance to win one, she’ll draw the winner today so go and check out her Facebook page NOW! 😀

– – –

lots of hugs and happy xxx,


10 thoughts on “a TUSAL update and a winner!

  1. I live in Ooltewah,TN. I love your posts—especially you cat! I have stitched for 30 years. The closest shop is 200 miles away. Do you have some on line shops that you can recommend? Again love your posts.

    Sent from my iPad



    1. ciao! thank you for your lovely words about my blog and BaBa – we send hugs and happy purrs to you 🙂
      about the online shopping, I do it every time. I don’t live in a very stitch-friendly area either.
      if you’re looking for an American shop that sells via online and via email, my favourite ones are Inspired Needle and The Attic Needlework. extremely competent and rich in supplies of all sorts. Cathy and Jean Lea helped me many times with my picky requests, so I definitely recommend them to everybody.
      Bobbie has incredible offers and deals at Stitching Bits and Bobs, she’s very nice and I purchased from her lots of times.
      all my threads and linens, for a year now, come directly from Nina in Hungary. this is her website and her Etsy shop. I wouldn’t work on any other linen or thread, they are absolutely exquisite and end up costing me way less considering I live in Europe.
      also, but I really need to write a proper post about this, her hand dyed threads are 8m long (just like DMC skeins) so the price per length value is way more convenient than WDWs and GASTs.

      for wooden buttons and polymer clay buttons & charms I usually contact Elisabetta/Fall Harvest or Sabine/Oeil2cha. they’re respectively in Italy and France, but they take international orders too – and are such nice people, you can email them anytime and see how much shipping costs.

      as you can see I don’t have one shop I get everything from, there are many, small businesses I like to support – and they’re incredibly good with particular requests, hard to find stuff, discontinued charts, packagings and shippings.

      knitting and crochet yarns, I’ve only started into this new area of needlework so I only have a big online shop, deramores, based in the UK, they’re unbelievably fast with every shippings but keep in mind I live in Italy, not the States 😉
      another incredible yarn producer is Libby Summers, I really look forward to the Knit Camp in January cause it’ll feature her adorable yarns.

      I hope this little essay was somehow helpful, thank you again for your sweet words about my blog and posts. they really suck up time to prepare, so every time someone likes even a single bit, my heart fills up with rewarding contentment.
      lots of hugs and happy xxx, for any question you can add a comment or use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes).


  2. I really want to learn crochet – I love all the fuzzy yarns for scarves. I WILL learn, as soon as I can pin someone down long enough to show me (I’ve got knitters & crocheters in my local group – I’m just always buried in my XS projects!). I love the details you’ve added to Mary’s Sampler 🙂

    Hydemary above, I am just south of you in Atlanta – I have several ONS’s that I use, since we don’t have a shop here in Atlanta at all now – JJs Collectibles is up in Kentucky, and have wonderful – I use them a LOT! Also, Laurel’s Stitchery is o this side of hte country, and I use her every now & then. I also use Cecilia’s Samplers out in Branson, MO, and Wasatch Needlecraft in Utah. And – there are tons more, including the ones Chiara linked for you 🙂 Happy Googling!


  3. Lovely stitching 🙂

    I’m *trying* to learn how to crochet…I’m finding it monstrously difficult D: I keep getting told off for holding my hook and yarn as if I’m knitting ^^;

    And I have to say…your cat is amazing *___*


    1. thank you, Miss Lilly! ❤
      BaBa is happily curled up beside me, right now. I'll tell him how amazing he is one more time when he wakes up ❤
      about crochet, have you tried Kat's website and tutorials? that's what I'm doing, and I must say she's a wonderful teacher. I tried so many times with crochet and always gave up cause I honestly couldn't understand what in the world those people were doing!
      you can find a link to Kat Goldin's Crochet Camp on the right sidebar in my blog, all lessons are completely free and they come in both UK and US versions. 🙂

      I wouldn't let anybody tell me anything about my holding stuff while I'm crocheting, as long as I'm comfortable and the result is right – I could be crocheting on my head with my toes for all it matters! 😀
      lots of hugs and thank you again,


  4. LOL sounds like you’d be fun to do a competition with 🙂

    I’ve tried to learn to crochet, but I can never get my tension right (too tight or too loose) and granny squares hate me! *sob*


  5. Like you, I shop at many different online shops. The closest shop is about 300 km away. A couple of my favourites are 123 Stitch and Anita’s LIttle Stitches.
    Mary’s Sampler looks awesome! I love the green robe on the shepherd. I’m thinking of changing mine to that. I also don’t like the chosen thread for the skin colour. I find that my dye lot is just a little too dark.


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