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Chapter fifty-three – Hooked

previously on the grey tailposted a couple of cool recipes.

– – –

after all this eating stuff, it’s time to make things right. off with the kitty pictures. 😀

I used to fit cozily in there..
this face always cracks me up 😀
the funambulist laying down on the banister.
curled up in that XS dish



– – –

on the stitching front, not so much stitching really. I took out my crochet yarn and got seriously hooked.


I spent an entire day getting only messy, crappy stuff. you can see my poor results on the right. then I finally understood what I was doing wrong and got my left hand to cooperate, even then it took quite a while before I could get a barely passable chain that wasn’t twisted. argh!


here I started working on the DC rows, only to realize I was doing it wrong.

new start. gee I must have had 395806 new starts in 24 hours. 😀
YEEEEESSSS!! see how neat and balanced they are?! just like in the picture!! 😀
happiness spreading all over the place.
I must admit, I got a little too tight at some point but honestly, I was bound to mess a bit in my first piece.

now the white side is done, so I started the backside in red. the soothing look of that red chain, aaaaawwwww!!


– – –

since I was going to crochet for a while, I got myself together, cleaned up and reorganized the WIP basket, and prepared a cozy yarn basket! 😀


then I found my sister sorting my sewing threads by colour, can you believe it??

she really is my sister!

after telling her it was probably the best gift she ever did to me, I savored this blissful moment and went back to my crocheted pot-holder.

– – –

if you want to learn more about the crochet course I’m taking, click the Crochet Camp icon on the right, it’s great (and it’s free!)

happy xxx, or hooking, or whatever it is that you like doing 🙂



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