The Grey Tail

Chapter fifty-four – Mushrooms!

previously on the grey tailgot seriously hooked on crocheting.

– – –

after dedicating a bit of concentration to the hooking process, I must say it really is time and dedication that it needs. if you think you can’t get the hang of it, just let it rest for a while, then pick it up with a fresh mind. the moment you get into it, it’s like a light that turns on. BANG!

lots of improvement and results in really no time, I must say I love this crocheting thing, and I’ve only just learnt a couple of stitches! 🙂

again, if you feel like giving it a try, Kat Goldin‘s tutorials are really great. available in both UK and US versions, you can find them in her blog Slugs on the refrigerator, or just click on the Crochet Camp icon on the right.

– – –

I already have plans for a crocheted kitty mat, look at him! he deserves one! 😀




life is hard on me!
do you think I could have my hand back?

he really is an Italian cat.. 😀

– – –

after a few weeks of really cold weather, we got back to september-ish temperatures (that’s when everyone caught that annoying cold), humidity raised to absurd levels and we got heavy, thick fog at night..

better spent indoors, sleeping on the blue serpent.

.. and mushrooms springing up all over the place!


can you believe this?!

this guy was as big as the palm of my hand

– – –

on the stitching front, I moved on with Manu’s StitchME and worked on the rest of the outer border. coming up next is another big change I made, the alphabet and phrase..


– – –

hope you have a great week,

thank you for the lovely comments!

take care,



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