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hang in there

I know, I know.. I really didn’t meant for this to happen (AGAIN!) but it did..

I’ve been dragged away from blogging – lot of things going on these days. but you can still follow everything almost in love feed through all those super handy socials that are taking outer our lives. you find all the accounts info on the left sidebar: click click is for Instagram, tweet tweet for twitter, bla bla for the book of faces and YOUTUBE IS FOR BABA’S VIDEOS!! 😀 😀 😀

– – –

stay tuned cause I cannot tell you when, but I’m one of Jo’s Advent Calendar Blog Hop Stops! (try and say it loud 5 times..)


BaBa and I wish you all a very merry, festive season!

trying to change bed sheets for the season




awesome free LEGO set I got with my last order


some stitching!!
this is Papillon Créations A Welcoming Spot, an adorable small chart available in PDF from their website ( for mere 3 euros.
I chose to stitch this on Nina’s 40ct. Victorian Rose Garden with one ply of her threads and Mill Hill Magnifica beads I couldn’t photograph at all in this craptastic shot.
I’ll post a complete recap of what I used once I’ve finished it (or you can email me any time! ❤❤❤).

– – –

last but not least, here are a couple of snaps of the two nutters.

wishing you all a wonderful time,

lots of hugs and happy xxx,





5 thoughts on “hang in there

  1. I am in the same boat I have been so busy I have not posted my ISHW for nov.
    I hope things slow down for you soon, love love the cat pictures, your Papillon Creations is a beautiful pattern I really look forward to seeing the finish.


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