The Grey Tail

we love you, old pal

the grey tail

I’ve been avoiding this post for more than a year now, and I find it still very hard to talk about it. even so, a year has passed since my beloved pal left us and not a day has gone without me thinking about him.

how I wish I could have talked, explained to Oliver why it’s necessary to got to the vet every once in a while. make him understand it wasn’t against him. it was for him. but he had been neglected for so long before he sneaked into our house, it was too late. you can’t change their minds once they’ve experienced that much.. I could only deal with his fears the best I could. this meant no check-ups, no regular screenings, no idea of his cardiac conditions which led to no anestesia at such an old age unless it was really worth the risk (and thank goodness he’s already been neutered before he came to us). poor fellow, he spent 10 years with us and really was cuddly and lovely – but no touching where he didn’t like it, no inspecting, brushing, cleaning without putting up a fight. I can take knots, dirt, bad breath, small injuries from cat fights.. but I really saw his chances of surviving slim down every time – cause by the time you saw symptoms, he’d already got seriously ill. I had to choose a vet that was close to home cause while driving he got these huge panic attacks, and by the time we got there he was already insanely stressed out anyways. when they touched him he started fighting and hissing and in a little while made everyone bleed from more than one limb. his behaviour didn’t help the doctors and himself in the slightest, but in spite of everything, he lived 17 years.

I’ve loved him like a brother with a terrible temper that none could calm down but me. he never got that cuddly with anyone else but me and my sister, even if he loved to sleep in everyone’s bed when they were out 🙂

we miss him a lot at home, speak about him almost every day and have so many funny stories to remember. like those times he brought home slugs wrapped up in his coat fur from sitting in the grass after the rain 😀

I also want to thank you all for giving me comfort and support in those terrible days, I really lost myself for a while.

the grey tail

the grey tail

the grey tail

we love you, old pal


thank you again for your help, support, and understanding.

hugs to you and your families, both two and four-legged. 

have happy, safe holidays,




5 thoughts on “we love you, old pal

  1. Sending you lots of love and a big hug!!!!! It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. Oliver looks like he was such a beautiful cat. I am so sorry for your loss.


  2. Chiara: I am so sad you are still missing your beautiful Oliver, the pictures are beautiful, I love the one where he is on your chest sleeping,I lost my Verne one and a half years ago we had him for 19 years he was so sweet, now we have Blondie, she is a real treat and sits on my lap as I type this.
    I hope your hurt eases soon.
    Happy Newyear



  3. What a beautiful post, he really was a lovely bundle of fluff and claws! It’s so good that you have so many photos of him to keep him close in your hearts and minds.


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