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stanno tutti bene*

first and foremost, oh thank you everyone for the beautiful words you had about my finished pieces, I’m very happy with both.

about the Halloween pin pillow, it was the first time I took a bit of chances and decided to sew something that had printed fabric on the front too. I must say I kept things really down to earth, with nothing elaborate or quilted (how I wish I could do that!!), but it did come out just like I wanted it to.

I’m so pleased in fact, that I’m planning to use that same finishing technique for many other WIPs I have, especially one.. oh I can’t wait to get the extras I chose for that!! 😀 lots and lots of Just Nan galore, only this time we change the season!

BaBa is exactly the cutie pie you see in pictures. he came with me on a two hours long drive to have his heart checked by a consultant cardiologist and a DNA test (he’s alright, just a yearly screening to make sure everything is alright).

he spent the drive on his beddy on the parcel shelf, safely secured to the backseat’s lock through the harness, sleeping, looking out to enjoy the panorama change. when we finally got there, in less than a minute he was on the table with a syringe in his arm, taking a blood sample like it was something we do every day.

I know him, I know he’s good and sweet and confident, but every time he surprises me. the cardiologist was so pleased with him, he stood there while she touched this and that, hearing, looking, checking, .. everything was fine with him. the little guy, he’s a treat. a real treat.

well, I’m more than happy to report nothing but good news about his health – together with all his siblings which were there too. 🙂 but boy have they grown up!! some of them look twice as large, with muscles and fur enhancing their lion-like features! WOW! 🙂

I’m so happy everyone’s fine and I also got to cuddle with BaBa’s father, Johnny and many others in the afternoon. they’re all so happy and playful, even with a perfect stranger like me.. the house is amazing, so big and so packed with cats!! I really hope they’ll call me the next time they want to go on holiday!! 😀

– – –

well, I really have to get back to all the crazy things going on before St. Sylvester’s Night. but I cannot leave you without some pictures, right? 😉

Taras & co
this was taken when they were 3 months old. can you spot the little guy among them?! 😉
sleeping hugs, I wish I could bend like that!!
beware of cat. yeah, he might jump on you and lick your hand before you know it! 😀
asleep beside my legs after the long day we had ❤❤

but you really need a stitchful piece too, right? those who follow my accounts on Instagram and Facebook have long ago seen this – a new start! argh!

it’s the adorable Sew Advent Band Sampler by iStitchDesigns. I couldn’t make up my mind so I decided to stitch it twice on the two linens you see. of course the second version will be all twisted up to make things more interesting. once I have the general look on the first version I’ll do my thing on the other. 😉

sorry about the upcoming different looks of the red linen. it all depends on the time of day I take the picture. this was early morning. the next one just past midday, under the daylight. the following ones are all indoor shots with artificial light and a tail 😀

this is Carol‘s blog were you can see close ups of al parts and pictures of other stitchers’ WIPs, including mine 😉





I started with Nina‘s 36ct. Christmas Wine linen and Champagne, Hunter, and Valentine in my mind, I added and changed up things as I went so I’m eager to see what it looks like in the end. of course I’ll explain what I did in the final recap at the end of the 24 parts. for instance, I’ll use lots of beads (not yet attached) and other colours for certain elements, so no easy substitution like “I used this instead of that”, sorry. 🙂

the cool thing about this design is that it’s only 5 cm wide on a 36ct., with speciality stitched rows on every band. I’ll have to much fun playing with this on the brown version! 😀

– – –

lots of hugs and happy xxx,

welcome to all the new followers and welcome back to everyone else.

it’s great to have you here, enjoy the holidays!


– – –

* the title today is a pun and movie quote, a really good one so you might want to check the original 😉



7 thoughts on “stanno tutti bene*

  1. Glad to hear Baba is doing well! That red linen is so gorgeous, Chiara, and I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like. Beautiful work so far! 😀


  2. Baba is so cute. 🙂
    Glad his checkup came out with good results.
    Love your fabric and thread choices for the IStitch piece.
    Happy New Year!


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