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finishing friday – A Welcoming Spot

a little announcement before moving on to today’s topic: the finishing fridays will last one more week! yours truly has got her fourth finish of the year! 😀

– – –

now, the second finish for 2014 was a sweet design I got in November and started straight away. it’s Papillon CreationsA Welcoming Spot. I received the newsletter and saw there was this adorable design on sale for mere 3 euros. it was a 50% off sale, and really an incredible deal cause this design features 22 delightful speciality stitches with clear instructions to all of them.

there are Ray Stitches, Satin Stitch, Spider Webs, Algerian Eyelets, Double Back Stitch, Rhodes Hearts, Eyelet Flowers, Star Stitch, Modified Tied Windmill Stitch, Bargello Heart, Queen Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Rhodes Berry, Fishbone Leaf, Rhodes Square and lots of beads.

it’s called for count is 28ct., so I had to reduce the amount of plies for all stitches, I also told Yvonne that I was going to change the vertical bienvenue into the Italian benvenuti and to my surprise she played with the chart and sent me another PDF with the edited version! ❤

funnily enough, she misread benvenuti and added another i, so I had to move letters around a bit but it was so kind of her to do this just for me! ❤ ❤

here are a few pictures of the finished piece and WIP close ups, it was so nice to see these parts grow into a little scene!

Papillon Creations - A Welcoming Spot
Papillon Creations’ A Welcoming Spot
Bargello heart, Eyelet flowers (top), Herringbone beehive and Ray stitched flowers (bottom)
WIP Papillon Creations – A Welcoming Spot
white Spider Webs on top, Algerian Eyelets flowers in Pearl, modified tied windmill tree in Semiramis, Queen stitched flowers and Lazy Daisy stitched leaves on the arch
WIP Papillon Creations – A Welcoming Spot
I backstitched the door and windows, took the picture and realized I didn’t like it like this so I frogged them out. classic.

I’m so so pleased with the final result! and I have something really special in mind for the finishing, once I figured out the likeness I simply had to go for this!

it was the perfect chance to stash lots of useful blings, and I already have the perfect fabric in my stash, so as soon as I get the charming stuff – I’ll switch the sewing mode ON. 😀

here is the complete recap I promised Yvonne, I hope you can find it inspiring too! 🙂

– – –

(my own) Welcoming Spot – a complete recap

fabric: Nina‘s 40ct. Victorian Rose Garden linen*, stitched 1 over 2

[thread list has been removed. if you’re interested in the threads I used write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes)]

the called for threads are all GAST and the whitework is in Gloriana silk, in addition to metallic gold thread and two colours of beads. since I didn’t use silk and added more colours to the palette, this list is just a reference to what I decided to do rather than a truthful conversion list for the charted design.

beads: I used only one colour of beads, Mill Hill Magnifica beads #10010 (Snow White, attached with one strand of White Sheep).


  • substituted the metallic thread with Nina’s Old Gold.
  • used only one kind of beads: Mill Hill Magnifica beads #10010
  • modified the lower part of the roof on both sides to make it fit, after I centered the vertical benvenuti I didn’t have enough space to stitch the roof as charted
  • stitched the house walls in Asbury, the borders in Espresso, the windows in White Sheep and the roof in Nutmeg
  • used only one green, Semiramis
  • substituted the vertical “Bienvenue” with “”Benvenuti” and recharted the T according to the L in “Welcome”
  • the tree stump, house walls and chimney top are in Asbury, the beehive and roof in Nutmeg
  • recharted the backstitched details of the bird in Espresso
  • added a backstitched nose to the bunny
  • substituted the bead in the hummingbird’s eye with a French Knot in Espresso.
  • recharted the hedgehog using a chessboard pattern in Asbury and Nutmeg
  • used Old Berry for the Queen Stitched flowers on the arch
  • stitched the cat in Steel, added stripes in Espresso and whiskers in White Sheep to resemble BaBa. I made his ears higher. I dropped the Heirloom Lazy Daisy ribbon. I also added eyes and nose in French Knots

I’m still not 100% sure about the dark brown stripes, I might frog/restitch them when I get to the finishing. I hope this list can help/inspire you and if you have any questions just add a comment below or use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me  and finishes).

also, I gave this for granted but just so everybody knows – I don’t make these pieces for anyone other than myself. all I use and change is for my own taste, and that’s how I like to stitch things. it’s not always possible, and it’s not a rule – but if I feel like doing things my way, that’s how I’ll do it. 🙂 it has nothing to do with the original models, those are always great designs – and I’m so happy all these people some up with inventive, great ideas for others to enjoy – but I have to please my own eyes and needles first, so that’s where all this comes from. 🙂

and now that we’re at this, I’ve been using lots of Nina‘s creations for the past year, I’m terribly happy with the way she dyes linens, threads and ribbons. they all work together so perfectly I turned her into my go-to resource for stitching supplies. that’s why you see her name pop up in most of my pieces: I love stitching with her creations, that’s it! 🙂

* about the Victorian Rose Garden linen: unfortunately this beautiful, very delicate pink shade is out of stock and won’t be dyed again, but I’m sure you can find something close from other dyers or ask Nina to try and get something similar 🙂

– – –

and last but not least, an unfortunate (but still fortunate) thing happened while I was ironing all around the finished project. there were really hideous hoop marks all around the project, and I really couldn’t make them go away – so I sprayed some starch (the kind I always use on my stitching) all around it and ironed it. well, I don’t know if it was because of the brand new bottle, or the company changed things in the way they do this, or the planets were in a bad alignment 😉 but I immediately realized something was not right. I checked and checked, blamed the indoor lights at first.. after moments of disbelief I had to face the truth: the linen got burnt all around the stitching! 😱

if you look again at the finished picture, you can see brownish marks that weren’t there before. I’m clueless to why this happened, I did everything the way usual way.. bah! 😕

to be perfectly honest, it still looks great. in fact, it gained that vintage look that makes the whitework pop up even more – but with this being said I’m terrified of using that spray bottle ever again!

– – –

BaBa 1/14
see you next week for the third of the finishing fridays, the Sunday Mystery Sampler!

YAY to all of the Seahawks fans out there! 😀

wishing you a wonderful week, enjoy the Sunday!



15 thoughts on “finishing friday – A Welcoming Spot

  1. ohhh well done on another finish … did you run your iron over the metalic threads ??? or did it have a reaction to the spray ?? just a thought … and how lovely that she changed the chart to suit you too 🙂 love mouse xxxxxx


    1. I didn’t use metallic threads, it’s just cotton and beads, which I didn’t iron anyways.. I think the heat on the iron and the spray had an unexpected reaction.. but why did it happen only this time, I have no clue! I mean, I ironed this same piece of linen with the same spray even before I started stitching – the only thing that changed was the bottle, the one I used before starting was almost finished and the one I used on the finished piece was brand new.. bah! thank goodness it still looks nice, I’d have been miserable if the marks had been black and smelly! 😀
      yes, Yvonne was the dearest. she even featured my finish on her website, so so nice! I got the Around the world chart too during that sale, don’t know when I’ll finally get to it but it’ll be just as fun! ❤


  2. This is beautiful, such a sweet sampler. I have stalled on Around the World completely. I think I am even behind on downloading the charts, that’s how bad I am!!

    I do love Papillon designs though so it’s nice to see your’s, And how helpful to include all your changes too.


  3. Wow, this is beautiful! I’m always so nervous about trying specialty stitches. I can do things better when I actually see someone doing the stitch rather than learn from a diagram.
    I’m so sorry about the linen burning but you’re right, it does give it more of a vintage feel. I no longer use my hoops because of the marks they leave. My iron just isn’t hot enough to get them out so I only use my Q-snaps now.


    1. you know, I might do the same, Lynn. I think I’ll give my hoop a long break and use only the scroll frame. I bought small dowels a few months ago, I can definitely put the to good use now!
      I got really lucky with this bump on the ironing road, I really don’t want to risk anything like this ever again, especially since I still haven’t figured out how it happened. I’d blame myself so much if I really messed up a project!


  4. It’s a beautiful finish – some of my favorites are in there 🙂 I wonder if re-pressing with a slightyly damp pressing cloth on the backside would pull up any of the scorch marks (if the starch itself is scorched, not all the way through to the linen itself)? Maybe being a new can, all that came out was the starch, not as diluted as it normally is? Just a thought… Though if you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have just assumed those were part of the mottling in the linen dye 🙂


    1. I think you might have a point, the can was brand new and the spray was on full throttle when I used it.. I noticed it was stronger than usual but I thought it’d be good, there were really awful hop marks on this one. it’s an interesting idea, the damp cloth thing, I’ll think about it – but to be perfectly honest, I like it the way it is too 😉


  5. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it got burned! Though to be honest I didn’t even notice anything wrong with it – you’re right, it gives it an antique look. It’s so beautiful, and congrats on another finish! 😀


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