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finishing Friday – Sunday Mystery Sampler, Mary II

skipped a Sunday, posting on Monday.. what is going on?! well, the thing is I’m officially on a roll! 😉 I’ve been busy finishing another design, and I’ve just added another ✓ to the goal list for this month*. can you believe it?! all this from the same person that devoted 2013 to unfinished business! 😀

– – –

back to the third finish for this year, the last piece I finished in January, was Plum Street Sampler‘s Sunday Mystery Sampler Mary II.

this design was released as a SAL, one part every Sunday, for 9 weeks until Thanksgiving. there were two versions, Mary I and Mary II, the latter being fairly more dense stitch-wise speaking. I chose the second (of course!) but dragged this finish until January. you can still download the free design, which is now available as a complete chart here.

I already started a recap for this project while I was working on it. I’m afraid I had to change some other colours along the way, so in case you’re looking for the definitive list, this is the one you should look at.

Plum Street Sampler Mary II
Plum Street Sampler Sunday Mystery Sampler, Mary II

one of the main changes I made was the sky. the moment I saw those white angels, I realized I wanted a dark blue sky all around them, and the faster (and more effective) way of achieving one now that I was stitching on beige linen was to fill in the empty spaces with Scotch Variation Stitch rows. also, in order to add the sky and still give a plausible reason for a white sheep to float right next to the angels, I decided to add hills to the landscape.

I had to work around the stars and flying guys (or gals? 😉 ) a lot, but it was Rewarding with a capital R. in fact, I’m considering doing the same with the bottom of the piece, by adding sand in the same way. it all depends on how I want to finish this piece, and I still haven’t decided if I’ll frame it, put it on a box lid, sew it into a pillow, ..

WIP - Plum Street Sampler Mary II
unfortunately I took the pic of the finished piece at night, this WIP snap is way more truthful to all the colours involved.

– – –

(my own) Sunday Mystery Sampler, Mary II – a complete recap

fabric: Nina‘s 40ct. Dark Beige linen, stitched 1 over 2

[thread list has been removed. if you’re interested in the threads I used write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes)]

the called for threads are all GAST, I used my own choice of Nina’s Threads (which means it’s not a truthful conversion from the called for shades) and I added a bunch of colours to the mix (they’re the ones you see at the bottom of the list).


  • stitched the sheep on the left, all the angels and halo in White Sheep
  • stitched all the other sheep in Clay
  • Mary’s dress has a backstitched motif that goes |_|_|_|_|_|_|_| at the bottom
  • stitched everyone’s skin in Desert Rose light
  • added hills with a cross stitched line to mark the landscape and separate it from the sky
  • stitched Joseph and Mary’s clothes in Sea Breeze
  • stitched the pastor’s clothes in Indigo
  • substituted the phrase “God with us” with another flower that mirrors the one on the right
  • added an extra sheep between the two flowers
  • stitched the sky in Scotch Variation Stitch rows in Indigo
  • stitched the small stars in combinations of Sea Breeze, Old Gold, Apricot and Pecan

– – –

after neglecting the blog for a really long time, I updated most of its pages, especially the goals on the left sidebar, the 2014 finishes and the From this this pages. there you can find a brief recap of what I’ve been working on, including pictures of my latest finishes. 🙂

hope you’re enjoying this early spring weather we’re having, or the serious pack of snow you got almost everywhere else. as Mrs. Patmore would say,

Downton Abbey blimey!

I can assure you we’ll get the most out of these sunny, not so chilly days. who knows what the summer will bring! the way things are going we could get snow in the middle of August!

BaBa 2/14
– if we get snow in August can I go play with it?
– sure, buddy.
BaBa 2/14
– and when you buy pillows with pompons, can I play with them too?
– I kind of bought these FOR you..
BaBa 2/14
– and when I sleep with my belly up, would you scratch it for me?
– yes, are we done with all the requests?

– – –

thank you all for the adorable comments, both here and on all the other platforms. ❤❤❤

wishing you a wonderful week,


– – –

* if you check the goal list to the left you can see the two new finishes are Maryse‘s bonus chart for her House Sampler SAL ’14, which is a free design you can find here; and the other one is a looong waited one: the first part of Lizzie Kate‘s Mystery Sampler Club for 2012, Very Scary (or as I like to call it here, Very Late). I’m already on part 2 and can foresee a bigger finish between this week and the one that’s coming.


10 thoughts on “finishing Friday – Sunday Mystery Sampler, Mary II

  1. It’s such a beautiful finish! I like the idea of doing the same filling-in on the bottom too, just to even it out. I think you’ve inspired me to stitch this up! 😀 I’ll have to add it to my to-do list!


  2. Chiara, Your changes to Mary II are stupendous and make the piece so much more interesting! How creative of you to use such a glamorous stitch for the sky. It was a lot of extra work but so well worth it.

    Linda Hubbard joleeblonde


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