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la grande bellezza

very delayed post – especially since this is not the one I announced for yesterday – but still, I think it’s pretty common knowledge that feeling proud of being Italian doesn’t happen much these days. or at all, for what it matters.

well, last night at about 3AM I really felt proud. and not because of the first golden statue after La vita è bella, but because of the spotlight given to this rightfully sad, sad film about our present situation.

Rome is indeed one of the greatest places, so beautiful and rich with history, and it’s also the epitome of all our problems: corruption, corruption, corruption.

corruption of the mind and soul. desecration of the past, of moral integrity, of values and duties. all in the name of fun, money and ego. a fun that isn’t really fun, money that isn’t really yours, and an ego that almost never fits into the elevator with you.

that’s what power without ethics looks like, and you can have a great, but pretty sad time watching it in Paolo Sorrentino‘s La grande bellezza. while I was watching the film, I thought nobody outside Italy would grasp what he was trying to say. there’s so much of our little, national, petty narcissism – but I guess it did translate well if so many stages around the world put it under the spotlight.

La grande bellezza

I’ve been a fan of Sorrentino‘s work for quite a long time; in fact this is just one of the great things he achieved. This Must Be The Place with Sean Penn is the best film I saw that year, with such a great soundtrack and visual effects. Il Divo, again with Tony Servillo as leading actor, is another incredible portrait of power and the powerful in this country – and by all means, not as over the top as we would rather it were.

now my hope is that everyone here jumping of the winner’s bandwagon will give some serious thought about the idea of beauty shown by Sorrentino, and the desperate need we have to pursue it.

– – –

there’s another homage I’d like to pay, and it’s about good people that we recently lost. a great Maestro and a great actor, Claudio Abbado and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Claudio Abbado

Philip Seymour Hoffman

– – –

sorry you had to go through this national detour. I’ll be back to the usual stuff ASAP, promesso.

I really have to thank you all for the beautiful comments about my latest post. every time I feel like I should thank you all individually, then I think I’d make comments reading a real pain in the arse – and who would want to read my comment replies anyways.. 😬

– – –

take good care and enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing,

lots of hugs,


BaBa 2/14
you really thought I would end a post without my own, personal grande bellezza?! 😉
chiara 1/14
ciao ciao!

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