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thank you notes and another finishing friday

here we are! told ya I would be back soon 🙂

well, this is our fourth Finishing Fridays installment, with at least two more to go. this finishing high is HIGH! 😀

as a metter of fact, I reckon a quick monthly goals recap is in order. here were my February stitching goals:

✓ finish The Shop Around the Corner’s StitchME
✓ finish the bonus chart for Maryse 2014 SAL
• start Lizzie Kate’s Holly & Hearts Mystery ’13
✓ finish part one of Lizzie Kate’s Very Scary Mystery ’12
• finish part two of Lizzie Kate’s Very Scary Mystery ’12

– – –

now, the second part of Very Scary (or as I call it here, Very Late) is almost done, still not done so it didn’t get crossed out – but as for the rest, it’s all checked. 😀

I decided not to start anything new (can you believe this??!) as long as I have so much unfinished business going on, and believe me – I do have so many gorgeous stuff already kitted up.. it’s not like I got brainwashed on anything: I still feel that starting urge, but at the same time I prefer this new, finishing me 😀

I like this terribly, and it’s giving me so much satisfaction and confidence 🙂

for those of you that don’t use Instagram, I got this super sweet message a couple of weeks ago, when this lady said how much she liked my colour combos, the alphabet I designed after my handwriting, etc. and she asked me if I ever thought of starting designing things on my own! 😳 ❤❤❤❤❤❤

I mean, pleasing me is already MI sometimes, I never thought I could ever end up pleasing somebody else in the meantime! WOOHOO! 😀

Susan, Terry, Krista, Lois, Deborah, and everyone else (sorry I cannot list everyone here) you have NO idea how big and rewarding your compliments were to me! and everyone else on FB as well, such a great contentment.. thank you everybody, so so much! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

continuing on the Thank You Notes (I’m afraid I won’t make you laugh as much as Jimmy does every Friday, though), I’d like to:

  • thank you, Manuela, for the sweet pattern (that gorgeous border!!) and the nice words you had about my piece
  • thank you, Nina, for dyeing such incredible colours that make everyone awwwwww and aaaahhhhh

but it’s about time you see something, right? 😉 well, here is my interpretation of The Shop Around the Corner‘s StitchME, or as I call it, In the garden of my mind 🙂

The Shop Around the Corner StitchME

The Shop Around the Corner StitchME

The Shop Around the Corner StitchME

this is probably the most personal piece I’ve ever worked on, that’s why all your words about it meant so much to me. 😘😘😘😘

– – –

(my own) The Shop Around the Corner, StichME – a complete recap

as always, I used my own choice of Nina’s Threads and hand dyed linen, French Vanilla in 36ct., 1 over 2. WordPress is acting up this morning and doesn’t let me load pictures properly, bummer! 😦

I’ll have to post the thread list some other day when I can get a bit more cooperation. anyways, if you have any questions you can use the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me  and finishes).


  • came up with a different saying I invented while playing outside in the garden with BaBa last summer (yep, this is how much it took me to get from graph paper & pencil to fabric & threads!): In the garden/of my mind/ideas hum/to the bees/and butterflies.
  • designed my own bees and blue birds, and scattered them around the letters
  • used a different alphabet I designed and modeled after my own handwriting
  • switched the called for watering can button by the incredible Elisabetta at Fall Harvest with a BaBa button she custom made for me
  • changed the shape of the hill so that I could stitch it in Scotch Variation Stitch in two different shades (thank you for teaching me so many great speciality stitches, Thea!!)
  • substituted the cross stitched butterflies with two other butterfly wooden buttons by Elisabetta

– – –

as you can see I poured myself into this piece and really couldn’t be happier with it! 🙂 now I can’t wait for it to get framed and up on the wall!!

thank you a thousand times for the support and adorable comments. I promise I’ll give this designing thing some serious thought 😀 ❤❤❤❤

and last but not least, some BaBa galore I had already in the WP Media files, thank goodness! I’m afraid I might be running out of free space here.. 😬

BaBa 3/14
next time you go food shopping, I’m coming too, alright?
BaBa 2/14
ooohhh, doughnut beddy..
BaBa 3/14
can’t wait to see Ellen go live after the Oscars last night! 😂
BaBa 3/14
in fact it was pretty late last night, better take a tini tiny nap. 💤

– – –

see you next Sunday for another Finishing Friday appointment!

lots of hugs and happy xxx,



5 thoughts on “thank you notes and another finishing friday

  1. I think you designing charts is a great idea! You’ve got a good idea for colors and designs and you’re always changing things when you’re stitching. Try it! And this is another beautiful finish 😀


  2. I had to go look up the original and basically the only thing the same is the border and the kind of layout (ie poem, hill, button)! You did an excellent job personalising this design. I think you should definitely have a go at designing your own pieces.


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