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finishing friday – Joyeux Noël

ciao everybody! no posts (not stitching) these days, ARGH! 😦

while I try to get back on track, enjoy these pictures on my latest endeavour, before I switched from mostly stitching to mostly studying, anyways.

Maryse SAL '14 Joyeux Noël
another picture taken at night, bummer!

it’s Joyeux Noël, the bonus chart for this years’ SAL by Les grilles de Maryse. you can download this little design for free here; entries for the main house sampler are still opened (sections of the chart are being emailed every month for a total of 10 euros, but you can read all about this in Maryse’s blog).

as usual I chose my own palette for the threads and linen.

Maryse SAL '14
Nina’s Threads and linen for Maryse’s House Sampler SAL 2014

these are the threads I picked for the main sampler, and of course used for the small ornament as well, the only addition was the snow in Champagne.

part of my New Year’s resolutions was not to start anything new until I had more urgent WIPs to take good care of, so no start on this one yet – even though every month I can hear those tiny houses calling my name, and the linen has already been cut and prepared, .. aaah! this will be H.A.R.D.

– – –

(my own) Joyeux Noël – a complete recap

fabric: Nina’s 40ct. Stone light linen, stitched 1 over 2

the called for threads are all GAST and CC, I chose my own palette out of Nina’s Threads and changed some of the shades to match my taste.

[thread list has been removed. if you’re interested in the threads I used write me using the contact me form you find on top of the header (between about me and finishes)]


  • added backstitched noses to the deer and rabbit
  • used French knots for the eyes rather than a single cross stitch
  • stitched the front of the house in alternate vertical rows using Soot
  • changed the front of the house so that the door would be perfectly centered, consequently changed the shape and placement of the front door, side of the house and its windows
  • at some point probably all the colours in this palette have been used for the side of the house, I really couldn’t make up my mind about this one. it’s currently in Pigeon and I certainly hope it stays this way! 😀

– – –

for all of you that still haven’t voted for this year’s BLOGAVERSARY CHALLENGE, could you please do so in this post? it’s almost a tie!! 😀

I’ll keep the pool opened for another week, then as soon as I know what to do – I’ll put my brains on it! so many ideas already popping up! 🙂

blogaversary II - square picture

feel free to grab this image and attach it to your blog, there’ll be extras for those who do so! 😀

– – –

BaBa and I wish you a wonderful spring, 

with plenty of warm, sunny mornings..

spring 3/14

spring 3/14

..and cozy afternoon naps.

BaBa 3/14

BaBa 3/14
“you don’t really need these, do you?”
solid facts.
BaBa 3/14
“I don’t do the dishes, I guard them. much more useful if you ask me.”

– – –

thank you for following the tail and being such great friends,

have a great day you all!



6 thoughts on “finishing friday – Joyeux Noël

  1. Beautiful finish – I’ve been hearing kits whisper to me, too, but am resisting until I get a couple more things done 🙂 Lovely tree in bloom – we have things blooming, too, though several weeks later than usual. Weird weather….


  2. Dearest BaBa: I love that you guard the dishes Blondie does the same thing.
    Love the outdoor pictures wow so beautiful, we are still waiting for spring way to much snow here.
    Your Noel is lovely, thank-you for sharing the link to the pattern.



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