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and enigma it is!

the poll for this year’s blogaversary challenge has just been closed and the results are in!

you can see them here: 

by one vote only, the stitch enigma has officially won!! – win win, cause this means I’ll have to start something new pretty soon! WOOHOO!! 😀

I know it was part of my New Year’s resolutions not to start anything for a while, and I’ve been behaving for 3 entire months now – but if you’re asking me to do this, I guess I’ll have to sacrifice my good records for a good cause*. 😉

I want to thank everyone who took the time to vote and add suggestions for the blogaversary challenge, now I can’t wait for it to start and have fun together! 🙂

I’ll be busy preparing all the clues for this enigma, and I also have last year’s piece that I want to see finished before embarking on this new adventure, so I don’t think we’ll start before the official blogaversary date, May 3rd.

on the other hand I’m super excited about it, I’ve already chosen the secret project, scribbled down a few things.. it’ll be really hard to resist another whole month! 😀

I’ll write down everything you need to know to play the game, this way the rules, dates and prizes are clear from the beginning – and don’t forget that by sharing the news through social media you’ll get the chance to win an EXTRA PRIZE, so feel free to reblog, press, share, post, tweet, whatever the following icon and a link to this blog. 🙂

blogaversary II - square picture

– – –

meanwhile, I’ve been busy working on an older project that is coming along really well and surprisingly quickly: Lizzie Kate‘s Halloween Mystery Sampler Club from 2012, Very Scary.

Lizzie Kate - Very Scary part 1
here is part 1 finished
Lizzie Kate - Very Scary part 1
the sampler isn’t perfectly centered on the linen because there was a tiny pink spot on it and it wouldn’t have been covered by the Satin Stitches if I didn’t move everything a little to the left.

I’m working on the called for Weeks Dye Works linen, Tin Roof, in 35ct. using the silk selection made by the lovely gals at The Attic Needlework. I didn’t feel too smart about this at that time, cause I already had the entire sampler kitted up with the called for WDW, but I simply fell in love with these silks and now I couldn’t be happier I spent that extra money on them.

of course I learnt the lesson and now rarely get kitted up mysteries, as I’d rather pick my own colour choices and generally stitch from stash.

Lizzie Kate - Very Scary part 2
Very Scary, part 2
Lizzie Kate - Very Scary part 2
finally joining the Halloween Mystery Sampler Club was really funny, even if more than a year later 😁
BaBa 3/14
look who decided to join the mystery fun! 🙂
BaBa 3/14

I found that with all the border done first, I managed to work on the three inner sections really quickly, here’s an update on part 3.

WIP - Lizzie Kate Very Scary part 3
it took me only two days to get to this point of part 3 – could it be that I’m no longer a snail stitcher?!

I plan to have this finished during the weekend, so I better get going! 🙂

– – –

thank you all for coming by and leaving such sweet words,

I really appreciate them.

look forward to seeing everyone for the stitch enigma, we’ll have so much fun this year!

take care and enjoy the weekend,


– – –

* and NO, I haven’t voted myself to make this happen. 😀


12 thoughts on “and enigma it is!

  1. Wow, that was a close run thing! I am looking forward to seeing how it will work as I didn’t follow your blog this time last year! Your Halloween mystery is looking great. This is one that I really wish I had signed up for now! Looks like someone was enjoying a little game of hide and seek with you…what a cutie!


    1. you’re right, BaBa loves playing hide and seek 😊
      Very Scary is still available in LNS if you’re interested, there are 3 charts and each comes with the buttons and charms needed. can’t wait for the Enigma to start, with all the planning and organising I’m already having so much fun!!


  2. Wow, Chiara! This is looking so good! You do wonderful work but I love it with the silk threads. I’m 2/3 way through with mine with WDW, but I don’t like it nearly as much as the sheen you’re getting with silk. My fabric isn’t as pretty as yours either. I’m jealous! lol


    1. oh no, Cheryl! you made me blush!! thank you so so much! I’m sure yours is looking great too 😊
      I was really lucky with my linen cut, but that tiny pink would have ruined everything hadn’t it been in an easy place to cover up with the stitching, thank goodness!


  3. Oh rats, I voted for a Treasure Hunt! Now I will need to get my thinking cap on and browse lots of stitching sites to try find the mystery stitch! So much hard work LOL


  4. The conversion to silks is really wonderful! I really like the pourple, especially 🙂 It is a fun project, isn’t it? You’ll have it done in plenty of time for this autumn/Halloween 🙂 I look forward to the Enigma!


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