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Very Scary, Very Late, Very Finished

this is my first attempt at posting something from my phone, so bear with me.
I’ve got another finish to show you and this time it’s a long waited one, Lizzie Kate‘s Mystery Sampler Club from 2012, Very Scary.
I hope you like it – even half as much as I do would be great cause I love the way it turned out. 🙂

it was a really funny piece to work on, fast and easy once the outer border was out of the way.

Lizzie Kate - Very Scary part 1
Very Scary, part 1 with a few details and additions to the owl. I love him!
Lizzie Kate - Very Scary part 2
Very Scary, part 2
Lizzie Kate - Very Scary part 3
Very Scary, part 3
Lizzie Kate - Very Scary
Halloween Mystery Sampler Club 2012, Very Scary

look who caught the very scary bug too 😉

looking for very scary things inside the tree

I’ll definitely check this post tomorrow to fix whatever went wrong with posting from the WordPress app, plus there’ll be the monthly goals recap and another finish! WOOHOO!! 😆🎉

– – –

thank you for the adorable comments.

have a great day and take care,


17 thoughts on “Very Scary, Very Late, Very Finished

  1. Looks great! I think posting from your phone was a success. I have this and it’s a WIP but I’ve misplaced bits of the pattern since I make copies to work from. I think I’ll make another effort to find everything!


  2. Oh, my gosh! It’s absolutely fabulous, dear FDIL! You have it done with time to spare and isn’t that a great feeling! Love, love, love it!


  3. Hi there, would you mind if I ask what fabric you used for your sampler? I bought the recommended fabric, but it’s really dark, and I think the darker threads are going to be lost on it – yours shows the colours up beautifully 🙂 (can you tell I’m trying to talk myself out of using the ‘kit’ fabric and choosing something else?)


    1. hi Anne! thank you so much for asking, I must have written this in my previous posts about VS but forgot to add it to the one that is (possibly) the more interesting 😉
      I have heard this fabric comment a lot when this mystery came out, too dark, too greenish, sometimes too brownish, .. it’s a tricky dye.
      you see, I used the very same WDW Tin Roof linen you got, the count for mine is 35 so that might be another reason for the colour to be slightly different.
      another change was in the threads, I used only silks and the selection was made by the ladies over at the Attic Needlework (it’s a shop in Arizona which takes international orders too, via email). their picks make every tone lush and jump right out of the fabric, I’m so glad I got these (mind I did get it kitted up with the called for stuff, but A LOT happened along the way).
      if you use the Categories drop-down menu on the top right of the interface, and select Very Scary, you should get a list of all the posts I mentioned it and find out 😉


      1. Thanks so much for such a quick (and thorough) response – that’s wonderful thanks 🙂 I think a hunt through my stash is needed before I make those first stitches … my Mum bought the charts and threads for me for a gift, and I paid for the fabric, so it seems daft not to use the threads … but I’m sure I’ll make up my mind at some point 😉


      2. oh, that’s absolutely true – a gift is a gift, and how nice for you to receive such stitching delight from your mother! (you should hear what my mother has to say about my stitching..!) 😀
        I’ve added your blog to my Reader so that I can keep track of your progress on your VS; it’s a very nice piece, I’m sure you’ll love it too ❤️


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