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monthly goals and another finish

here were my monthly goals for March:

✓ finish part two of Lizzie Kate’s Very Scary Mystery ’12
✓ finish part three of Lizzie Kate’s Very Scary Mystery ’12
• finish the three bonus charts for Very Scary
• finish Santa Bunny by Alma Lynne Designs (1st blogaversary “stitch enigma” piece)
✓ finish at least a block of the Beatrix Potter fghan

– – –

considering I haven’t put a single stitch for two entire weeks this month, I managed to do pretty well.

now I’ll focus on the three L*K Halloween smalls and Santa Bunny before I can start the mysterious piece you’ll have to guess for this year’s blogaversary stitch enigma.

what I also accomplished this month was to resume working on a very old project, the Beatrix Potter afghan I got back in 2011.

Beatrix Potter afghan - square 1

it’s a kit I got from Anchor and it features Peter and several other bunnies designed by Beatrix Potter, as well as radishes scattered around the blanket.

this one is the bottom right corner, and depicted is either Flopsy, Mopsy or Cottontail – can’t really tell. 🙂 it’s worked with Anchor threads in two plies (these squares are huge, at least 16 cm wide) and the backstitching is very drawing-like and insanely present, but it really helps bringing the design to life, so it’s always worth the time it takes.

I don’t think I can squeeze in another square this month, so I’ll probably pick it up in May, when it won’t be too hot for holding it, hopefully!

BaBa 3/14
I like that bunny blanket! 🙂

– – –

thank you for your lovely comments and emails,

have a nice week!



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